Warhammer: Vermintide

From reading posts here I wonder if some of you enjoy playing this game at all…

chivalry banner cu2p1 1024x576 - From reading posts here I wonder if some of you enjoy playing this game at all...

“Why not give us guaranteed reds for doing x

“We should be able to put any stats we want on items, why do we have to reroll?”

“I already have a red x, how can another one drop??”

“All loot should be 300 power level”

“If I don’t get a red in xnumber of chests a guaranteed one should drop”

“I wasted all these runs and time and got nothing. Why do I have to do the maps again for the cosmetics?”

Let’s say all of these requests happened…we’d all have perfect sets of loot in no time. And then what? You guys that are in this for the loot would be done…and those of us that play the game because of the actual gameplay will continue. I guess that’d be fine for everyone involved but seriously if loot is the primary objective for you here then maybe consider doing something else with your time?


Because the thing is no matter what, if you’re playing this game for the loot it’s never going to pay off in a satisfying way..You’ll eventually get it…or you won’t…either way it’ll be meh and you’ll look back at it as time wasted.

I sincerely hope you guys are enjoying the game…but I keep seeing people posting about how they “got nothing” for doing runs as if playing the game is some kind of horrible task in search of rewards instead of being actual fun itself.

So if you’re playing this or any game…make sure you’re having fun with it first? That way it’s rewarding all the time…not just when some silly imaginary item drops!

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