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FS Robin reply to Roadmap post (You can read the whole conversation on the mentioned post)

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About a day ago FS Robin:

We have delivered mod support, we have made technical improvements, we have tweaked gameplay, we have done a lot of rebalancing.

The map dlc and the servers definitely are behind schedule and we just simply have to own that, but I think and hope that everybody agrees that it's better to release them when they're done and good rather than try to prematurely rush them out to meet a previously stated release date. When we have release dates for these, you'll know.

We ourselves are probably more disappointed than you are about the amount of time that we had to spend on just pure bug fixing after release and the consequences this has had to our release schedule, but the only thing we really can do is just keep at it and try to get things done as quickly as possible.

For those conspiracy theorists out there, why would anybody ever announce release dates they know they can't hold? It doesn't make any sense as the backlash and drama every time a release date isn't met is no way worth any hypothetical extra sales that would be generated by saying something is going to be released a couple of months earlier. If anything we should go back to saying whenitsdone™ and not give estimates for things that aren't done since it's always a higher priority for us to release something good than on time.


Also regarding map dlc vs xb1: Level Artists and Level Designers aren't really good at porting games to other platforms and they're usually not great coders, so I can just debunk that myth right of the bat. The delay is not related to the console release, it's just simply different people. Also, if you think we can port the game to xb1 in just the few months since release, well… it's a bit more work than that 🙂


I'm not saying everybody who criticises us are conspiracy theorists. I'm saying that if you say we've had some elaborate plan to trick people by knowingly and intentionally not delivering the things in the road map on time, you are making up conspiracies that simply don't have any basis in reality nor make any sense sales wise. Not keeping release dates is probably the worst thing you can do for sales after releasing something of poor quality, there's no way it would make up for any potential extra sales that the road map might have given. The road map as a mistake and a failure, there's not doubt about it. We wanted to tell you guys about all the cool stuff coming (that's still coming), but it was quite clearly premature and we definitely grossly underestimated the amount of time and patching we would have to put in the month or two following the release.

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