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Fun troll build: 2h sword ammo-less Bounty Hunter

warhammer 9 - Fun troll build: 2h sword ammo-less Bounty Hunter

Hey folks!

Recently I experimented a lot with different Bounty Hunter build to make him more fun and interesting to play. After I while I came up with the following build you might also enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't claim this to be a useful Bounty Hunter build! It's not a "good" build but a fun one to play and very rewarding once you pull it off.

Now that we got that out of the way let's begin.

First up let's talk about what this build can achieve and which breakpoints we are focusing on. The big breakpoint we're aiming for is to be able to kill fanatics with 1 light attack. To meet this breakpoint we need 45% power vs chaos/infantry. Due to the fact that we get 25% power from having the no ammo talent on BH we only need 20% from both charm and sword combined.



Level 5 Talent: "Vicious Virtue"

This talent increases your attack speed by 5%. All other talents on this level are focused on your ranged weapon and since we don't use our range weapon with this build those become literally useless which makes "vicious virtue" a no-brainer. Also 5% attack speed is actually really good for any melee weapon in general.

Level 10 talent: "Necessary Means"

Core talent of the whole build. This talent increases your general power by 25% when out if ammunition. Not really much to say about this one other than that it's absolutely necessary to have this talent to meet the breakpoint discussed earlier.

Level 15 Talent: "Doesn't Matter"

Doesn't Matter. None of the talents on this tier are of much use to you since they all only affect BH's passive and the passive can only be proc'd by range weapon, in our case only by the ultimate. Since the passive is, by default, up every 10 seconds and you Ult is not we don't need any of the talents on this tier.

Level 20: "Rightious Zeal"

Since we actually have a decent damage output in general and don't crit to much I find this to be the better option to gain temp HP. If you disagree feel free to change it up and see if it works better for you.

Level 25: "Encore"

The big plus side of having 25% extra power is that we don't need "Double Shotted" to kill chaos warriors! But be careful, you need to hit the slight plus a few of the pellets which means that your not able to snipe chaos warriors from across the map. You have to be rather close to one-shot them. Another upside to running 30% cooldown reduction is that you have your ultimate up more often to snipe specials. Remember; your ultimate is your only option to kill anything outside of your melee distance!



For melee, of course, we run the 2h sword. I run attack speed plus power vs chaos and swift slaying on it. Attack speed equals damage that's why we are maximizing it next to the breakpoint we want to meet. Use light attacks against hordes, heavy attacks against hordes mixed with elites and your push attack against single armored enemies. Remember: the heavy attacks of the 2h sword has heavy linesman which means that it won't stop if it hits armored enemies so you can just cleave through anything with it.

You're range weapon doesn't really matter on an ammo-less build. Choose the repeater crossbow if you have one because you can empty it the fastest but any other weapon works. You just have to empty it ;).


I run power vs infantry plus attack speed and and as a trait decanter on it. Power vs infantry because these will be the last 10% we need to get to the 45% breakpoint and attack speed due to the reason talked about earlier. Trait wise I prefer decanter in general but if you're more a fan of concoction, by all means, go for it. It's not a super serious build after all.


I choosed to take 2 stamina and 20% health properties. The stamina is used to get another push attack off before you have to stall to regain stamina. This can be critical in clutch situations. 20% health because if you have more health you're harder to kill. Its that simple. As trait I picked bark skin because it'll be you're run saver. I don't want to dive into the topic of necklace traits in this post because it's large enough to be a topic of itself.


Property wise I found out that cooldown reduction and curse resistance worked best for me. Cooldown reduction because you'll have your ultimate up more often which means you can snipe more specials. Again, it's your only ranged option. Curse resistance because of obvious reasons (If not obvious ask your local grim dealer). The trait is up to you since it doesn't impact the outcome of the build. N

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