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Fun Troll Build: Ammo-less Great axe Ranger Veteran!

warhammer 2 - Fun Troll Build: Ammo-less Great axe Ranger Veteran!

Hey folks!

After last weeks weird Bounty Hunter build, I want to show you all my Great Axe Ranger Vet build. This build is equally trolly so again like last week:

Disclaimer: I don't claim this to be a useful Ranger Veteran build! It's not a "good" build but a fun one to play and very rewarding if you're able to pull it off.

With this build, we will meet a bunch of breakpoints. First up: to hit most breakpoints it's necessary to only use the first two light attacks and QQ/Block Cancel the last swipe light attack since it deals less damage than the first two! So when I'm talking about needing X light attacks I'm always only talking about the first two! The most interesting breakpoints we'll hit are the following:

  • 2-shot Stormvermin, Maurauder and every special unit with light attack body hits.
  • 3-shot Mauler with light attacks. It's important to hit the body of the Mauler since hitting the head will deal less damage!
  • 5-shot Chaos warriors with heavy attacks or 6-shot with light attacks. If you Crit you can subtract one hit. Meaning criting with a light attack will result in you only needing 5 light attacks. Nice to know is also that you only need 3 hits when you have a strength potion running which means that if you have to face a patrol just pop your ultimate and kill them all by yourself.

Now, without further ado. Let's dive into the build.



Level 5 Talent: "Foe Feller"

This Talent increases your attack speed by 5% which is always a good property to have for a melee weapon, especially a slower one like the Great Axe. Another viable option if you feel like you don't have enough survivability is picking "Apply Pressure". This will increase your overall received healing by 30% (including tHP!). But if you're not really struggling don't take it.

Level 10 talent: "Last Resort"

Core talent of the whole build. This talent increases your general power by 25% when out of ammunition. Not really much to say about this one other than that it's absolutely necessary to have this talent to meet the breakpoint discussed earlier.

Level 15 Talent: "Your own choice"

All Talents on this tier make sense. Best for yourself, meaning Quickplay, is "Battle-Brew" (Bombs) or "Master Brewer" (Potions). If you're playing with friends who play characters who need a lot of ammunition you can also equip "Grungni's Cunning" but this really is only a viable option in some rare cases. So, in the end, you have to decide between bombs and potions most of the time. I personally chose potions over bombs since you get more and you, as a melee class, actually get much use out of all of them.

Level 20: "Ranger Reaper"

Sadly Ranger Veteran has no good tHP talents available to him. I take "Ranger Reaper" on him which is his "tHP on hit" talent. It's definitely the best available tHP talent for Bardin. No point in even considering the other two options.

Level 25: "Ranger's Ambush"


This Talent allows you to keep your invisibility even when leaving the shroud. This choice makes him a really good damage dealer since he can just freely hit Bosses and patrols without having to worry about blocking or dodging. This becomes especially effective when combined with a strength pot because you'll just melt those Bosses and Patrols then. The damage output with a strength pot is actually kind of amazing.


As the melee weapon we, of course, pick up the great axe. Property wise equip Attack Speed and pvSkaven OR pvChaos. You need both of those properties in your loadout. This means if you have pvSkaven on your axe take pvChaos on your charm and vice versa. A little reminder that you need to QQ/Block cancel your light attacks to meet most breakpoints discussed earlier! For Hordes just use a mixture of push attacks and heavy attacks depending on the situation.

The Combos on the Great Axe could look like the following:

Anti Armor/Single Target:

  • L1 – L2 – Cancel (repeat)

Anti Horde:

  • H1 – H2 (repeat)
  • H1 – H2 – L3 (repeat)
  • H1 – H2 – Push attack (repeat)

The ranged weapon really is of no importance in this build so picked the one which is the fastest to empty. This one being the Grudge-Raker.


I chose to take 2 stamina and 20% health properties. The stamina is used to get another push attack off before you have to stall to regain stamina. This can be critical in clutch situations. 20% health because if you have more health you're harder to kill. It's that simple. As a trait, I picked Bark Skin because it'll be you're run-saver. I don't want to dive too deep into the topic of necklace traits in this post because it's large enough to be a topic of itself.


I run pvChaos OR pvSkaven (depending on the property choice for your Great Axe) plus pvArmored and as a trait decanter. In total, we need 20% extra pvSkaven/armor to kill Stormvermin with 2 body hits and 10% extra pvChaos to meet all the breakpoints regarding chaos units. Trait wise I prefer Decanter in general but Homer Brewer is also a viable option due to his "10% chance of not consuming an item" passive.


Property wise I found out that Cooldown Reduction and Curse Resistance worked best for me. Cooldown reduction because you'll have your ultimate up more often which means you can go stealth more often. So more time being save and able to deal tons of damage. Curse resistance because of obvious reasons. Pick Grenadier as a trait since you already have a 10% of not consuming your bomb built into your kit.

So that is all there is to it. If you have questions or suggestions regarding this build feel free to post them! Hope you have as much fun with that build as I have.


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