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Future DLC Weapons: Speculation!

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So the game just came out. A perfect time to start speculating on DLC!

I'll throw out some of my predictions and general thoughts on the topic, and the rest of you can continue on in the comment section.

In my predictions, I'm bearing in mind both lore-appropriateness and what makes sense in general, as well as what gameplay niche a weapon could have. Now when I say niche, I don't necessarily mean specialization. I've always been of the opinion that hyperspecialized weapons are really not good for the game, for various reasons. By niche, I mean a weapons… "party piece"? As in, while the weapon can do other things as well, it has one thing that it's particularly good at. Make sense?

The other thing I thought I'd note right at the start: I don't think there are a huge number of weapons that we could still get that wouldn't just be clones of existing weapons. Lets face it, there are only so many kinds of weapons that we could have that would still make sense for A) the character and B) the setting in general.

Anyways, here goes:


Trollhammer Torpedo: This is the most obvious one, so it's at the top. This weapon existed on the tabletop as a variant weapon for Irondrakes (i.e. the guys who used Drakeguns). It's basic functionality would be an anti-monster/anti-armor weapon. I'm thinking low ammo count, long reload, high damage per hit.

Aside from that, what makes this weapon a particularly obvious choice for a DLC weapon is that it would fill a hole in Bardins loadout: Bardin is the only character in the game that does not have a true boss killer ranged weapon.

The potential pitfall with this weapon would be that thing I talked about earlier: hyperspecialization. It's fine for a weapon to have a "party piece" like I talked about, but it's not fine for a weapon to be 100% specialized in exactly one thing. The issue there is that a weapon like that has to be so good at it's one job that it would effectively trivialize the job. If it's not that good, then why even bring it, when by nature of it's hyperspecificity, it's going to be total garbage at everything else?

But, I think this problem could be worked around with careful design.


NOTE: Knuckle Dusters/Brass Knuckles: I don't think they make sense. No precedent on the tabletop, plus they don't make sense from a common sense perspective. They aren't actual weapons, why would a Dwarf use them? Just because Bardin is probably strong enough to kill Skaven with them doesn't mean that it makes sense. It'd be like saying that Keri should have a Slingshot because technically she's probably accurate enough to kill with one.


Sabre/Cutlass/Hanger: Some form of lightly curved sword could make great sense for Kruber. It could for example be high mobility, low stamina, high damage against basically everything except armor.

Outrider Grenade Launcher: A weapon from the lore and tabletop again, this weapon would be cool as shit, but possibly very difficult to balance. Maybe turn it into a low ammo count mini-bomb launcher?


Flaming arrows of the Sisters of Averlorn/Handmaidens: Since we got what is essentially an Alarielle-aligned career, Keri could potentially have a bow reminiscent of the tabletop unit upon which the Handmaiden career is based. These arrows are described as blue-white bolts of flame that sear tainted flesh. What role this weapon could fulfill is a bit of a bigger question, it being difficult enough to give each of her existing ranged weapons an actual role. It would be visually spectacular at the very least.

Honorable mention: Draich: A Dark Elf weapon, more specifically the greatsword of the Har Ganeth Executioners. Problem: she already has a greatsword. Problem number 2: She already has a weapon with "execution" as it's party piece: the Glaive. Probably not going to happen.


I don't know, Fire Whip?: Does what it says on the tin. It hwhips things. Could maybe just be a crazy good CC weapon.


Honest to god I have no clue. I think he already has all of the iconic Witch Hunter weapons. Plus, he is the only character to have gotten two weapons as DLC in V1.

Anyways, lets hear some thoughts!

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