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Future New Classes: What Would You Want?

warhammer 1 - Future New Classes: What Would You Want?

So, earlier, I made the mistake of saying Winds of Magic would introduce new careers in game (my apologies for whoever I mislead). This thought, while untrue, made me think of what potential classes we could or want to see in the future.

For me, I could honestly see a "Tainted" class for each. I know that it would undoubtedly conflict with lore and the premise, but humor me for a moment. Being in such proximity to such vile and powerful Chaos tainted factors would have a corrupting effect on the U5. Each of the members would be afflicted by a different Gods taint. Now, this is all simply an idea, so feel free to criticize (constructively).

Saltzpyre (for the love of Sigmar, I hope I spelled that right) would probably be afflicted by Tzeentch. He is the most paranoid and scheming of the group. I do not doubt he would have a plan to kill each of the people there if they turned against him (yes, even Valiant Kruber). While I doubt he would have a magic ability, it would be interesting to see him have a cone of force damage, rending Skaven and Northlander alike while knocking those that do not die onto their bottoms.

Sienna would undoubtedly be tainted by Slaanesh. She finds pleasure in her burning and is probably one arsonist spree from going off the deep end. For an ability, I feel a temporary charm/confusion ability would be useful. Make every enemy murder happy for a few moments and turn on one another. If not that, a buff to those around her, boosting their attack speed/power by setting their weapons ablaze.


Bardin, I feel, could be tainted by Nurgle. He is a stalwart fellow, but obviously is dealing with a lot under all the bravado. So, he would probably take on another tank role, but his skill would take on an area denial, vomiting forth bile (would be a bit morbidly funny if the animation was him taking a swig and then vomiting) similar to a Bile Troll. It would melt those that pass through or are covered in the bile.

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Kerillian, while probably suited to She-Who-Thrists, could be slotted to Khorne. She debatably has a lot of disdain towards those around her, whether they are friend or foe. She would have an ability similar to WHC, but boosting power/attack speed instead of crit chance.

Finally, Kruber. I feel he would be most suited for the Chaos Undivided (sorry if that is the wrong term). He is arguably the glue of the whole team. He gets along with each member the most (Kerillian, maybe. Like the ship, but wonder about possibilty). He also has a lot of the various emotional aspects of the lot, with the weakest link being to Tzeentch. For his ability… I am not sure. I think it would be interesting for temporarily wielding a Chaos Artifact, such as dual greatswords or axes, for a short window of great amount of damage.

So, in summary, I feel that the potential for new careers can go to many places. While I know my idea is improbable and not lore friendly, it is simply an idea in the end.

What are some of yours?

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