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game feels too easy

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So legend right now is wayyyyy too easy, which is mainly because of the erratic behaviour of the qp playerbase. I just casually stroll into a bunch of marauders, happily swinging my sword as I go and BAM! Some weirdo tags the berserker that was about to smash into me from the middle of that bunch.

I've seen multiple people tag and even CALL OUT IN CHAT healing items that someone with a free slot had missed. Sometimes if we find healing draughts they put down their bandages, use the draught and then pick up the bandages again! What kind of monster does this?!? I bet those people also take the second grim on Righteous Stand as Zealot out of their own volition instead of only after being asked to do it 5 times. Disgusting.

It's just all getting worse and worse I feel. When there are people who actively look for and snipe a special after hearing the spawn sound, instead of waiting until they're in your face like any decent folk would do, I'm not sure I want to play this game anymore. "Hey Bardin, that patrol we've been hearing and seeing for the past 30 seconds won't pull itself" I say. What does he do? Hide behind some barrels!


Is it so hard to understand that I lose a bit of faith in humanity every time I see a Pyro shooting her fireballs at the incoming horde instead of right into the melee? That it causes me actual physical pain everytime a Pyro, WS or BH doesn't hit at least one ally when they're ulting a CW that was about to go down to a stealthed Shade? That I die a little inside every day I don't feel the sweet, sweet touch of hagbane arrows or drakefire shots to the back 30 times a minute?

If we let this foul development take hold, people will end up playing with headsets or some kind of other system that will enable them to locate ingame sounds instead of having to guess where it's coming from! Maybe they'll even stop listening to podcasts about oysters or shit while playing, and I'm pretty sure we as a community don't want that! So my brothers and sisters, fight these foul creatures whereever you see them! Don't let this evil take root!

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tl;dr: /s I'm very witty yadda yadda rant over

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