Warhammer: Vermintide

Game is currently 74GB big and may be close to 100GB with the expansion…

warhammer 3 - Game is currently 74GB big and may be close to 100GB with the expansion...

When I first bought and played V2 (release day), it was 36GB. It has doubled since then.

It's pretty easy to forget just how large the install size for this game is whenever it updates. This game may soon take a staggering 100GB of disk space with the expansion.

The anniversary patch is about 5GB and has 1 map, Winds of Magic will have 8 of these maps. But just because they reuse existing maps doesn't mean they won't take space.

If you haven't read FS Hans' comment about the game and why the size is big (Please do, I don't think many people saw this), it basically means that maps do not rely on the same "bundles" of elements such as torches, doors, etc. Instead, each level is bundled separately to reduce load times in exchange for disk space. That means there are 18 maps (19 if you count the keep, 20 for prologue, 21 for FOW) that are packaged separately.

So when Winds of Magic comes with 8 more maps, how big will it be? Anniversary patch was about 5GB, but let's say maybe that 1-2GB were those awesome voicelines. Let's guess, with some leg room. If each map was:

8+74=82 / (2×8)+74=90 / (3×8)+74=98 / (4×8)+74=106

Best case scenario, each map is 1GB, that's good. But there's still all the extra content that isn't maps. New weapons and an entirely new faction with new specials, along with inevitable bugfixes that for some reason take several GB. But my main point is that this expansion is obviously not going to be the last bit of content.


There was this interview with FS CEO Martin Wahlund, a few months back saying FS want V2 to last a long time:

"But from our perspective we want to be in the long run, we want to be here for five to ten years, at least".

We are at only one year (which is awesome), but imagine just how much larger the game will get, 125GB? 150GB? 200GB? It'll be even bigger than some of the CoD games on steam, and close to some simulators with all the DLC.

I use an SSD, I use it for all my favorite games and I love V2 but it's taking a way bigger bite than it needs to. I would rather wait a whole minute to load then have more and more space just taken up by V2 just because I want to play the new content. I've seen posts like this before (and they get downvoted every time), and I don't like having to make one but I honestly hope that FatShark are aware of where I'm coming from.

edit:forgot fow

edit2: There may not be eight maps at all. Made a second comment

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