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Gameplay of the 3 Bardin careers (& observations)

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Non-commentary gameplay for all three career paths for the dwarf (with all three maps), now that the NDA has lifted! Here i’ll also provide some thoughts of each of them (while i’m not the greatest analyst for these things, i’ll do my best to describe my experience).

Ranger Veteran – The closest to the original Bardin from VT1 (you’ll feel right at home!), and out of all three is the best special killer and provides pretty great support for his team with his level 15 talents (imo the Healing Draught dropping from specials 1 in 4 is his best one, and will be ESPECIALLY vital on higher difficulties). His grudgeraker is also excellent for one-shotting specials (those damn annoying plague monks, berserkers, and nurgle sorcerers in particular). His ability also good for escapes and stealth-reviving teammates. All in all pretty barebones Bardin that we know and love, but being a veteran now, is equipped with some of the best utility for himself and his team.

Ironbreaker – Arguably Bardin’s strongest career path- incredible healthpool & resistance (Gromril armor has saved my ass too many times to count in those dangerous situations), and with SO MUCH STAMINA he has no problem keeping enemies at bay and reviving teammates when surrounded by (average) enemies. And as for his panic button, it can be a lifesaver for you and your team (provided they realize you’ve pulled aggro and are taking advantage of that). This career has the best survivability, and it’s very hard to remember the times i’ve actually died once on each map playing him (if at all, at least on normal-hard). I feel pretty immortal as the Ironbreaker, and I would definitely feel best candidate to carry a tome & grim to the end of the level.

Also. The drakefire thrower. Holy shit. While it makes Ironbreaker very difficult picking things at range, it is one of the BEST weapons for cooking ENTIRE HORDES of skaven and chaos warriors, especially when they’re coming in tight-knit. You’ll be racking up the highest kill-count on the scoreboard when using the drakegun right. (ofc, just watch your overheat… I’ve made too many mistakes being trigger-happy with this beast of a weapon)


Slayer – Probably one of the trickiest careers to play, or maybe I’m just not used to how ballsy you have to be in order to be effective. Slayer has some brutal potential mowing down swarms of enemies, the speed of his axes (and the goddamn buffs provided by his passive) is so insanely quick at brutalizing mobs that your mouse-finger will get sore after long (or maybe i’m just way too spam happy– who knows).

Dodging and timing blocks juuust right is very important as a Slayer, as the twin-axes only have 3 stamina (and when surrounded, you’re screwed pretty hard if not careful), good thing however is that his talents cater to surviving this up-close-and-personal playstyle (if need be, I reccommend switching to your second melee weapon w/ more stamina in order to block) ALSO– HIS LEAP ABILITY SEEMS TO HAVE THE SHORTEST COOLDOWN EVER. ESPECIALLY if you equip the level 15 talent, allowing his attack stacks to SHORTEN THE COOLDOWN EVEN FURTHER. I could literally leap at a crowd, hit a bunch of dudes to trigger the passive stacks, and leap again 5 seconds later to save my surrounded teammate. It’s insane, fitting for the Slayer fantasy.

The biggest downside though is his survivability. I’m the least-skilled at Slayer, and it’s tough times when you have no ranged weapons to take out that pesky ratling or warpfire thrower (unless you can close the distance or escape with your leap). I’ve died the most times as Slayer, but also have had the most fun as him. Be forewarned fellow dawi– when you take up this path, prepare to fulfill its Oath as well.

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