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General Devolution of Teamwork in V2

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Maybe it's the fact that a portion of the V2 beta testers were not V1 enthusiasts. Maybe it's that some of them didn't own V1 at all. Maybe it's the fact that there are currently only three maps in the beta to test on, and the repetition has people impatient. It's probably a combination of all three.

Here are some tips that might be worth repeating to a struggling pub you're with, and to keep in mind yourselves:

  • Specials will spawn when you have large distances or broken line of sight with other teammates.

  • Hordes will spawn when you have large distances or broken line of sight with other teammates.

  • Just because you cleared all the rats nearby does not mean there aren't other rats attacking someone else. Make a headcount before splitting for an item.

  • Many hands make light the work. If one or two people are still fighting rats, they cannot move with you, and will not be aware you of where you are. You're inviting a special to attack them or yourself.

  • If the whole group stays together to fight off every last rat, you're ensuring everyone is taking as little damage as possible.


In more detail about the last bullet, this is a difference between V1 parties and V2 I'll see in 80% of games. There was a general strategy in V1 groups that when hordes or random attacks appeared, EVERYONE STOPPED, and made sure that all the rats were dead before moving forward. All spawns end eventually, even if it's just on a timer until the next wave appears.

Your priority is to avoid as much damage on the GROUP as possible, for better chances of completing the mission. Running ahead for whatever reason, just because you have the gear or level or skill to survive solo for a while, comes with the cost of frustrated, and possibly dead teammates, and more spawns. Best case scenario, the game senses your selfishness and throws a pair of specials at you, and the rest of the group gets a good laugh while they catch up to save you.

Use your skills where they're needed, and make sure everyone is moving together. There's way too much splitting up in V2, and I know it'll wind down once the game has been released a month or so, but until then don't be that guy.

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