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Ghost swings and unkillable enemies by melee (Xbox One)

warhammer 2 - Ghost swings and unkillable enemies by melee (Xbox One)

After BBB patch, there are some weapons (namely e.g. 1h sword for Sienna and Kruber), which have huge problems with ghost swings and are mostly unplayable. For example, 1h sword does not register hit for almost all 1st swings in light attack chain. Video samples:

https://youtu.be/dls9MAHSh7I (Sienna's 1h sword)

https://youtu.be/PVxF6EQvhFk (Kruber's 1h sword)

After last BtU DLC patch there are also problems with enemies that cannot be killed by melee weapons (mostly chaos fanatics). I have experienced this in every game I played with exec. sword on Merc. Video sample:


There are also problems with swings and pushes not registering for some enemies. For example, 2 enemies are standing before you side by side, you swing you weapon or push and only one enemy gets hit/pushed.


All those problems make game unreliable and result in being hit without any error / wrong doing on player side.

Please fix.


The problem with unkillable enemies is not specific to certain enemies, but it happens for all of them. More samples:

https://youtu.be/SfsxwyIGh0k (unkillable slave rat)

https://youtu.be/AYoTVLMcZv0 (unkillable mauler)

They cannot be killed by melee or ranged. They need to be tossed from some cliff or killed by bomb. If you don't have a bomb or cliff nearby, they will go after you, until you find one. I am experiencing this in every game now, with every class and weapon, sometimes several times during single run, and I am wasting bombs to overcome this issue. It's frustrating, because mostly it happens during hordes, so player or his teammates are getting hit because of it.

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