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Give us a way to blacklist/block players

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Been running Legend since March and the amount of players joining Legend runs while obviously not being ready for it has increased quite a lot, especially after 1.0.7 update which made Legend way too easy and made players think they were ready for something they are not.

I don't really want to waste my time with players that leave or just don't know the very basics. Its frustating to play a game to see the host leave mid match, or a player pull a patrol or just die because he is ignoring his right click. I don't want to think the amount of time WASTED just because of bullshittery like this. I'm OK in failing because of an spike in difficulty, a bad decission or similar but this is unacceptable.


I'm using STEAM profiles to block them but thats not effective as I have to manually check their profiles all the time I join a lobby. That doesn't stop them from just spamming joining the lobby (which will crash the lobby after a couple tries btw) I'm counting more than 200 poeple already in the ignore list and keeps growing very fast since 1.0.7

Funny thing is that during the morning and very late at night, the quality of players increase quite a lot, being the afternoons/evenings a nightmare. I can complete legend runs with a high success rate with a decent pug group but sometimes (usually afternoon/evening) the fail rate is just 100% no chance.

Coudl you maybe add a requisite to join Legend other than HP? Like make a full run taking 0 damage? Or complete all stages with full tomes? I don't know, anything that could potentially filter/raise the level of players joining Legend.

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