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Grail knight DLC rant.

warhammer 6 - Grail knight DLC rant.

First of all, this post is my personal opinion, you may diagree blah-blah, who reads disclaimers anyway. Point is that I do not represent The Ultimate Truth ™ this is just my view of recent DLC politics that Fatshark implemented.

I am sincerely surprised why this was not posted before tbh.

Brief introduction – I have been playing V2 almost since the release, counter is approaching 2000 hrs and this game is my option to relax if there are no other projects going. You all know why we are returning-the gameplay is insanely attractive, even despite a number of problems. I also want to say a few words about the class itself-the Grail Knight is a very good interpretation of Slayer without betting on crazy dps and speed, but with a bet on high damage to the single target and staggering crowd control. I haven’t played much as GK yet, but the class itself pleased me, it is not often that new content is so high-quality *cough, winds of magic, cough*. However, despite this, I have one problem with this class.

The essence of the problem is quite simple (just don't tell me that I don't have money, that's not the point of the post) – the Grail Knight costs $10. You can say that the knight costs only 4 and you will be right, but you will have NOTHING but the class itself and two weapons unique to the class. You will not have two frames for completing legend and champion, there will be no skins and hats (not at all), there will be no skins for weapons, including red ones. Also, you will not be able to get any weapon skins from the chests, because they are not there – they are locked in another DLC and after you but it – you should pay Lohner to buy them from emporium. That is, in fact, for $4 you get a very good career, but everything else that usually went in the DLC is entirely missed.

At the same time, the quotes of the Grail knight is an obvious hack work, which is a shame to even release to production, he should have been left mute if you could not adequately record his new voicelines. Why the hell do we have such quality if updates in V2 are released slower than in any other game I've played, and when the update comes out – the amount of content in it is as small as possible?!


I note the fact that (I do not know whether accidentally or intentioanlly, but this is a very convenient "accident" if you want my opinion) when I first day took DLS – I didn't see any links in steam that by buying KG for $4, I buy only the class itself and to all that usually comes in DLC – you need to buy DLC for my DLC. Looks very fishy. Even now on the game page there is no cost of cosmetic DLC, N/A is displayed, to see the full cost you need to go to the page of the knight and see the information about the set. I see this as an attempt at false advertising and misleading the customers. I also remind you that for 10 bucks in the past DLC you received a set of weapons for all characters, 2-3 challenges for this weapon for all characters, two skins for this weapon and new maps, with frames for new maps on all difficulties. In the case of bogenhafen there were given a ton of cosmetic items.

The cherry on the cake-then there will be another 4 DLC (for each of the characters) for $10, and in total with this minuscule amount of content in each FS will get $50. If all classes are implemented in the same way, it is a rip-off. I will note that even now I can buy a number of games within 10$ that will hold more content than the content of this DLC. And for $ 50, you can purchase a full-fledged AAA product, or even two, given the steam sales. Even now, when I write this – theres Witcher 3 available for 12$, and for 15$ you can get 2 DLC TO IT. That is, I can add 2-5 $ and instead of 1 character buy the whole damn game along with DLC.

And finally, I don't mind DLC as such, when they are packed with with content and you can see the effort put, if they bring something interesting/unique, or expand the field for experiments (this I say as a person who bought some DLC in payday 2). I don't mind separate cosmetic DLCs in form of hats that was released not so long ago (still overpriced but ok). And I value honesty in this matter even more. If the page just had a DLC for $ 10 – I would be outraged bc of the the price in any case, but it would be transparent and understandable. Right now I see it as an attempt to deceive players, since one career for 5-7$ seems more reasonable so you might not suspect anything from the price alone.

TL;DR-the Knight is good, but the voice lines suck bigus dickus. Hiding the full price of DLS from the game page seems like a dubious business practice. Selling 1 character at the price of full-scaled DLC with a significantly larger amount of content is disappointing.

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