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Group positioning tactics

warhammer 9 - Group positioning tactics

Group positioning tactics

The following is a description and naming of different tactics used by groups. The most important aspect is positionning. These are often used naturally by players.


What: Divide in two group of two.
When: Right after an horde (from my memory horde have 1min30 to 2min delay).
Why: Allow getting both grim and tome on Athel Yenlui map. Allow to find the key faster in The Pit map (DLC). Win time and make impatient peoples like me happy.
Cons: Weaker to specials attacks, unexpected horde/patrol/boss will be terrible.
Common mistake(s): Not doing it when there is a perfect opportunity and a skilled team.


What: Make a line, follow your teammate in front of you. The head open the path. The tail close it. The body protect the flank and support the tail. The tail should focus on joining the head as fast as possible (not be the tail anymore), and not taking damage. Prefer pushing or dodging instead of killing. Teammates should support tail with ranged weapon, and not let any enemy block the tail path (one missed dodge because a slave rat body block your back, can mean death). Note that head and tail can change in middle of action. Danger will come mostly from behind.
When: Fleeing to a point with infinite enemy spawn.
Why: Going as fast as possible with everyone surviving.
Cons: You don't get to kill theses juicy rats tailing you. (make berserkers unhappy)
Common mistake(s): Not supporting tail member with ranged, focusing on killing instead of fleeing as the tail member.


What: Stay as close a possible from your teammates. And slash anything from any directions. When: Against horde in open space, encircled, or cornered.
Why: Avoid taking damage between attacks. You kill everything before they have time to land a successful attack. Have no blind spot.
Cons: Weak to gas, patrol, boss, hard to use ranged weapons.
Common mistake(s): get hit by elite overhead attack because you thought someone is gonna parry it for you or that as a team you would kill it faster then it does to end his attack. Some people will instinctively parry instead of trying to kill it faster then he can attack. Some will dodge also.

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What: Kite enemies away from your teammates. Kite the boss when teammates handle the horde horde.
When: There is too much pressure on your teammates, like horde + boss or horde + patrol, or chaos patrol. A talent like 20% dodge range is highly recommended. Also, if you have a charge talent like Waystalker, Berserker or Zealot, or a disengage talent like Ranger, you can lose the agro when things get too hot.
Why: A last resort tactic for the team to survive against too many enemies, specially when you lack of knockdown or taunt abilities.
Cons: You have to dodge specials, not get caught. No one watches your back, if you get downed you die. Do not work in small spaces.
Common mistake(s): Trying to do some damage as decoy and getting hit when you could have keep dodging and parry. Focus on surviving, not killing.


What: Form a line that face incoming horde. Do not let any enemies pass behind your line or on the sides of that line. Do not get encircled. Enlarge line or move back together to avoid encirclement. If you can, encircle the enemies.
When: Against a horde coming from one side or a small number of enemies, when exploring. Why: You take advantage of the available space, avoid getting hit in a blind spot by protecting your teammates flank and them by protecting your flank.
Cons: Risk of getting separated in you enlarge too much.
Common mistake(s): You don't look at your teammates position between attacks, and do not move back with them when they do. Keep the connection with yours left and right teammates, do not get isolated. Keep them safe and they will keep you safe.


What: Try to solo rush to end of the map. Or until you can revive enough teammates to handle your pursuer.
When: Enemies are stronger than you, you are alone, or will be soon alone, but you move fast or have 20% dodge talent, and balls.
Why: You might finish the map, make a good show, train yourself in hard situations. Yolo.
Cons: Once alone, you will have to deal with at least one special by yourself, get ready to dodge.
Common mistake(s): There is a lot to say on solo rushing, what you should avoid is trying to help a teammates that is condemned anyway, downed, or stuck in a corner with 4 chaos warriors screaming for help. Use your dying teammate(s) to gain some distance. Caution: your teammate will hate you if they think you runned away too soon.

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What: Keep an eye on your teammates and make sure at least one teammates keep an eye on you. Use ranged weapon to assist anyone that might get hit in a blind spot, or that is attacked by a special. Keep visual contact with at least one teammate.
When: Exploring the map. Having precise range weapon or searching head ultimate. Why: Explore the map quickly, while reducing the risk or losing someone to a special. Cons: You have to regroup fast against a horde. If a special catch you an bring you out of sight, it will take time until anyone can reach you.

Shield in front

What: Have someone in front crouching and keeping block up (not pushing).
When: Work well against horde in narrow path like a door entry to body block enemies. Can also work against patrols.
Why: Safe way to handle a lot of enemies in one go.
Cons: Tank are rare and do less damages.
Common mistake(s): Going in front of the tank and taking a hit.


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