Warhammer: Vermintide

Grudge-Raker is the best weapon for dwarves.

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Grudge-Raker is the best weapon for dwarves.

I've tried the rest, this is the best. And here is why:


  • Extreme High Damage
  • Solid reload speed
  • 2 shots vaporizes horde groups. This outperforms the Drakegun and the Drakefire Pistols.
  • Instagibs specials in short to medium range
  • Destroys Stormvermin patrols on Legend.
  • the right-click bash counts as a ranged attack, and procs crits. Add Scrounger and you've got unlimited ammo!


  • you need the Conservative Shooter trait to help with low ammo pool. But it's ok with the amount of damage you're putting out.
  • 2 shots, you can't miss.
  • you can't fire at everything. Let your teammates do their job, you do yours.

I don't see why this weapon is so overlooked when the discussion of ranged weapon for dwarves comes up. It absolutely destroys on Legend, making quick work of everything.


Compare this to the Pistols, which have essentially low damage, take a ton of time to effectively deal damage, and slow you down, both from time to kill and overheat. This puts them in a slow ranged support category which doesn't help a team that already has a special killer.

The Drakefire, a solid suppression weapon that fills the role of horde clear. But, it's slow to charge, blocks the entire screen with fire, which you can still tag through. But, if there are multiple enemies, there could be a special that gets missed and gets an attack off, like a Globadier.

All in all, the shotgun is a beast. It's fast, efficient and incredibly effective. And Legend runs feel safer, faster, and much cleaner when I use it.

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