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Hello ladies and gents,

I'm fairly new to the game. I have around 120 hours in and started during the last free weekend. I've had many questions about gear progression and have received a ton of misinformation from people I've spoken with so I decided to write something up before I forget anything since you only really have to hit 300 with your gear once and never think about it again. The following are discoveries and tips that will hopefully help others out.

This is basically all you need to know from the wiki

"As you level up each hero you'll learn recipes to craft their Equipment.

Crafting an item costs 10 scrap, and the results are mostly random. The power of a crafted item is determined by the highway power the player has seen in that slot, +/-10. For example if you've seen a charm that was 150 power the next charm you craft or loot will be between 140 and 160 power.

To craft a specific type of Equipment requires additional materials. The Power of an item is based on your level when it is crafted."

  • All chests have a max power level for items they produce. It would be a waste to open a chest that that can produce a level 300 piece of gear with a character than can only get a level 150 piece of gear

  • The power level of your gear from crafting and opening chests is NOT based on whatever you have in your slot currently. In other words, if you want to craft the highest level amulet you can, you do NOT have to equip the highest power level amulet in your stash. There was a ton of confusion about this from people in game.

  • The last statement from the wiki is wrong. The power level of an item you craft is based on the maximum power level of whatever item you have crafted from other characters. To break it down, if another character you have has crafted a max level 300 item and you go to another character that is level 1, you will NOT craft a level 300 item but when you hit a level when you can craft level 300, you will be able to do so immediately.

  • As you level your character, you will receive blueprints for gear so don't freak out if you can't craft something that you see other people use

  • After reading all of this, you should probably come to this conclusion, it's best to level one character to 30 and then level the rest. I highly suggest you level bardin and use iron breaker. It is THE most forgivable and friendly build you can make. Improving your skills is outside of the scope of the game but with a leveled bardin, you can get high hp, a shield, a good o crap ult and a free pass on damage every so often. A horrible bardin is easier to carry than a horrible sienna as well.

  • Feel free to craft if you aren't at the maximum gear power level for your character (which is based on hero level). Keep rolling the dice, there is no shame in this.

  • Leave your General/Emperor chests and vaults for when you hit level 30. The chance of a red level item dropping is higher. IMO, anything else, feel free to open and roll the dice for better gear

  • Leave your commendation chests alone until you gear level 200 so you can sprint to 300 as fast as possible. If you absolutely want to open the better chests/vaults, do so only when your gear level is 200.

  • Do re-roll attributes trinkets for curse resistance (cost is 1 blue and 1 green…thing). The vast majority of runs will involve grims so make sure you're protected as much as you can from it's ill effects. If you have a great one that suits your needs, feel free to use it for a while

  • It's not worth upgrading your gear unless it is at max level (300). The game in earlier/medium levels isn't difficult enough to warrant this. It's more important that you get your gear level up

  • Salvage the gear you don't use. Try out weapons but remember that if they're not power level 300, they aren't worth keeping in the long run (and even then, 300 level oranges are barely worth keeping) so feel free to salvage green/blues and even oranges once you find something better. You want this to be a sprint so get your spare crafting material and roll the dice

  • Once you hit power level 300 on your gear, you can now craft at that level with other characters (as mentioned before) and you can share jewelry with all of your characters

  • Be sure to open your General/Emperer chests and vaults on level 30 characters for the highest chance at reds (I don't have any hard evidence that level 30 characters produce the most reds, I couldn't find any hard evidence that level 30 produces max results but level definitely is one of the determining factors on the rarity of the items that drop from chests). If you do want to open these chests/vaults before you're 30, don't open too many.

If anyone else has tips feel free to post as I'm sure that there are things that I'm missing as I pretty much played this game blind. Also keep in mind that gear progression in this game is pretty easy and you will get there eventually no matter what you do.

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