Warhammer: Vermintide

Has the game seemed more difficult to anyone else lately?

warhammer 3 - Has the game seemed more difficult to anyone else lately?

My legend completion rate has seriously nosedived in the past two weeks and I'm not really sure what's changed. I think it's because I've been seeing more simultaneous disabler + boss + horde spawns, but that might just be bias because I haven't exactly written down what's wiped my parties. Was there some change to the director to make it spawn more disablers alongside bosses and hordes at the same time?


I don't think it's entirely just me being bad, although that could be a component. I'm hardly inexperienced, I've played enough Legend to have all of Sienna's reds and half of Kruber's (Very bad luck with chests let me tell you). I've even managed to pull off a couple of runs where I've just never taken damage and still put up an impressive number of kills (Thanks largely to those teams I was with but the point still stands).

Anyone else seeing a big difficulty spike?


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