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Having Problems Streaming Game

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So I decided to start streaming V2 recently (obviously due to the promotion Fatshark currently have to send in a stream of the game). Since I have started I have run into nothing but issues. The two main ones are:

  • I get GPU rendering issues, things like my entire screen painting black as my camera moves around the level. Once my entire game flashed and my screen became this teal mist, sound still plays in both instances and I found that changing from FullScreen to Borderless Fullscreen or vice versa updates the game in some way to return to screen to normal however this issue is crashing OBS is some way and disconnecting my stream.
  • The Game also crashes near constantly after about 1 hour of play. I've monitored my CPU and can see it never goes above 80C (not as hot as it can be but hot considering its water cooled) and load is at usually always above 90%. This is a full system crash, PC becomes unusable for a few minutes, Stream disconnects sometime OBS crashes and closes and game asks me to send report.

Looking through the Reddit, I've seen two posts with similar CPU usage problems, I had switched from h264 encoding to NVENC to give my CPU some breathing room. I'm going to try what these two posts suggest and report my findings here.


Things to try:

  • Locking framerate either using Vsync or locking it to an arbitrary number. most recommend 60.
  • Running DX12 with OBS capturing display.

Note: My PC is running a GTX 980, i7-7700k, 16Gb DDR4-3000.

Hoping this post can help others, or myself if anyone knows of any fixes or resolutions.

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