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Here is exactly why Quickplay is taking so long for so many people

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If you are having problems with long wait times for Quickplay, here is why.

The Matchmaking service has 4 ranges you can check in the Lobby Browser – Near, Medium, Far, and World.

For many people, especially Legend players, there are often no Legend (or even Champion) games available in Near or Medium. But there are plenty available in Far and World, according to Lobby Browser.

The problem is that when you press the Quickplay button, it will only check for Near games first, then expands the search range to Medium, and if no games are available it will stop searching and force you to host. You may then wait 20 minutes waiting for your match to fill, because of course the game isn't recognizing many other players as being "Near or Medium" to you. If you want to play with a full group in a reasonable time, then you have to manually join a game in the lobby browser listed as Far/World.

You can test this out yourself easily: Check the lobby browser. See if there are any Near/Medium Legend games available, then hit Quickplay, and the game will make you host if there were no open games on the list, or it will join you into one of the games that were on the list. However many games are open under the Far/World list are irrelevant to Quickplay.

What do those ranges mean? Well they sure don't mean distance! Because I've joined a game that only showed up in the World list, that didn't show up in Near/Medium/or Far and I asked the host where he lives. He lived only a few hours away! I tested this repeatedly and got the same result over and over. The people who only show up in world are actually very close, people with great connections, no lag, who you'd assume would show up in Near/Medium – but they only show up in World!

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I would expect the World list, or Far to include hosts in other countries, or half way around the world. But lately they are always people who aren't that far away from me! Their connections are great! I couldn't even join a match in Europe if I wanted to! The Lobby Browser maxes out after only displaying 50 or so available matches! And they are all very close to me!

And no matter which game I join, on any range, the Ping indicators always show Red, for everyone, even when the connection is perfect! When you check the In-Game player list menu, the little dot at the top right of each player's panel is supposed to indicate ping, but they all show red! Not green or yellow, all RED even when the connection is perfect, even when the host only lives a few hours away, even when there's no lag!

So to summarize, the problem with Quickplay is that the matchmaking service as a whole thinks almost all the players are a LOT farther away from one another than they actually are. It is reporting red pings to everyone. And if you want to fill a group in a decent time, then you just have to open the lobby browser, change the search distance to far or world and find a game there.

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