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We all know that hero power is calculated by Hero level *10 + the average equipped power. This on it's own isn't so bad. This should mean that better items from drops should increase your power, and it will steadily rise due to hero level. However, what I have noticed is something very strange.

At level 1 and 2, I only received items with lower power rewards. As I gained levels I also gained higher power items. This feels wrong, as there already is a scaling system for rewards in the game: the rarities and types of boxes.

At low levels, I was lucky enough, by getting all the books, couple of loot dice, and a really good Ranald gift bonus, to receive an Emperor strongbox. Except when opened, it produced similar results to the box you receive on level up. Strangely, after gaining a few levels, the hero power produced by items also increased. This is accounting for that I typically received Soldier tier boxes on Recruit, but for some reason both hero power and the rarity of my items were increasing. Why is the same box producing different rewards? Since switching to Veteran mode, the hero power has still been increasing at a steady rate, synonymous with my hero's level. And, with it, so has my item rarity and hero power tied to items. But I still typically receive Soldier tier coffers instead of strongboxes, due to difficulty increase.


What is the design behind this? Loot boxes, for all the positives and negatives around them, if done correctly, should feel good when you open them, and more so when your luck gives you a supposedly higher tier of box. Except now I've started to notice that the box I open up, at least at these still low levels, are practically interchangeable with other ranks of boxes. Soldier, General, Emperor: all feel, at Recruit and Veteran difficulty, to grant the exact same rewards. What actually determines the reward, in terms of rarities and hero power, seems to be hero level.

This feels like ALL progress is tied to hero level. Again, the equation is Hero level*10, plus average item power. But, item power is directly related to hero level when opening the box. So in the end, hero power scales both directly in a single step with hero level, and indirectly with items, whose own power is based on hero level anyway, from hero level alone.

What is the purpose of this? Why have all these varieties of boxes, from Merchant, to Soldier, to general, to Emperor, and strongboxes to coffers to supposedly chests, if the rewards just scale from hero level anyway?

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