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Fatshark… If you're going to pull the breakers on looking cool, please fix cosmetics.. After the latest patch they stopped the ability to equip other hats from other classes via a mod and then port them over to the official realm. This would not be such a huge issue if the acquisition of cosmetics was not so abysmal.

Let me paint a picture we are all familiar with. I'm a FK, only play FK and I love ever second of it. 300 hours, awesome black and gold armor, cool portraits, red trinkets, red weapons, the whole nine nards. But ya know what i'm missing? That's right, a helmet for my lovely Sir Kruber. I am stuck with this silly, almost bucket for a helm. So around 289 hours I get a COSMETIC and boy oh boy am I jumpin for joy, but wait! It's the red bonnet thing, for the HUNTSMAN…. I don't play the Huntsman, not to mention prior to this I happened upon a couple of red longbows, again still only playing FK.


So I download the mod, hearing I can wear helmets from other classes on my Krubes and better yet, it works on the official realm. At first I go with the Bonnet I had received, but then I realized the mod offered a very cool buzzed head and beard combo for Kruber. So beautiful and all while playing on the official realm, all the while looking very lore friendly. At last I felt complete, looking cool while slaying all dem heretics.

Back to reality. Like the twin tailed comet streaming across the night sky, the glory and might of Sigmar has come and gone. Back to the Bucket Helm. Back to hoping against hope I get a cosmetic, let alone one I can use on FK. But hey, at least I'm close to getting the cosmetic for playing 100 rounds with FK. Then I can be the King of Fools. For it shall be the bucket helm, with a crown placed upon my troubled brow.

I love Vermintide, so much… And I LOVE Vermintide 2, such a wonderful game! Please let us look cool, please let us Fashiontide.

yours truly,


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