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Hierarchy of Specials by Threat

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So I'm curious as to what everybody's opinions are of the most dangerous specials.

For me it's, in order,

  1. Blightstormers
  2. Packmasters
  3. Gutter Runners
  4. Warpfire Throwers
  5. Ratling Gunners
  6. Leeches

Blightstormers have probably caused more wipes than all others combined for me and seem to have negligible if any friendly-fire damage (they'll toss slave rats or zombies all over but not kill them, meaning you now have slave rats or zombies flanking you).

Packmasters are a not-so-close second due to their ability to grab through walls of other enemies and the relative inability to hear them during hordes or patrols, meaning whoever they grab gets nearly instagibbed and people will go down trying to get to them.


Gutter runners are…annoying, but generally nowhere near as dangerous as the Packmaster because they don't pull you into mobs and stop disabling whoever they pounced as soon as they're so much as touched, plus they're fairly squishy. The only thing making them difficult is the occasional 300m Kobe-leap or silent pounce. They're annoying to try to hit as they scamper around below ledges and such but usually once you see them on the ground they'll eventually get whacked.

Ratling guns and Warpfire throwers pose a threat due to their fairly high damage output and knockback but they do enough friendly fire and are only effective in tight quarters that they frequently work as well for you as they do against you.

Leeches are at the other end of the spectrum and pretty much only dangerous to solo players (either wandered off or last man standing), they're squishy, not terribly damaging, and single-target.

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