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High damage abilities leads to oppressive gameplay with friendly fire

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I say this mostly in reference to the bounty hunter's Lock and Load ability. It's on a long cooldown and does a lot of damage, which is how it should be.

The problem with this ability is that it has a wind up and is shotgun based, which means that when you press the button, even if the target area is clear of allies, it won't neccesarily be when you fire and if an ally does get in front of you, they are going down. Target dummy testing puts the ability at dealing around about 40k damage, which is about 20 shots with a brace of pistols, just for context.

The result is a situation where you are terrified to use the ability at all. You can't use it for long range because it's a shotgun and using it at close range increases the chance an ally will move into the firing line. You're literally hoping at that point.


That's not fun. Now, am I suggesting it does no friendly fire at all? No. Friendly fire exists so you can't sit at the end of a hallway and cut down the horde with 4 people all firing ranged weapons as the massed horde. That should stay. But it would be nice if this particular ability, which hits like several trucks, didn't instantly down an ally because they moved unpredictably. Some kind of modifier for friendly fire damage on this one ability, would be only a single line of code I imagine, since they already had that in Vermintide 1 for the friendly fire difference between nightmare and cataclysm. Another solution would be to simply make the blast instant, so if the area was clear when you pressed the button, it would be when you fired it.

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