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Holy fortitude (Zealot Saltz) should be changed

warhammer 9 - Holy fortitude (Zealot Saltz) should be changed

With the release for GK Kruber, passive HP regen is becoming a very annoying problem for zealot saltz players. With just kerilian, it was still a problem, but you could play around it since they can disable that talent when in the lobby. But with GK Kruber, it's random; you have no control over whether or not that HP regen is going to pop.

HP regen is seriously such an annoying feature on Zealot saltz. It changes something that is supposed to be a team buff, AoE HP regen with no downsides, into a huge nerf. It should at the very least be net neutral, if not still a buff, given that it's main sustain features for both WW and GKK.

For people that aren't familiar, Zealot saltz with heart of iron and feel nothing can very easily tank themselves down to 1 HP. This gives them full stacks of fiery faith, increasing power by 30%, and HP regen by 75%. Add on Boon of Shallya, and you're at 105%. Then, you've got Sigmar's herald WITH the 30% power increase for added cleave, making it very easy to temp HP tank. But it relies on having high stacks of fiery faith; so that you can deal damage, cleave, and regain temp HP quickly.

Just losing two stacks means you have a 10% power reduction, and 30% healing reduction. That's the same as losing your Boon of Shallya neck trait, or the GKK quest buff. That's a pretty huge nerf. Now add on that Saltz has to keep tanking his own HP if he's playing well, repeatedly going down to 10 or 20 HP, instead of only doing it once or twice with the protection of feel nothing and heart of iron. It significantly increases the chance that you'll go down from an unlucky backstab before you can THP back up.

Which, a fair response is to say "yeah, that sucks but it's part of the game, zealot is one of the easier classes and they should just play around it". OK, but again, this is something that is supposed to be a group buff. It makes both WW Kerillian's and GK Kruber's abilities really a net neutral at best when there's a Zealot on the team, given how much extra risk they have to take and how much less damage and CC they have.


So, what's a reasonable fix? IMO, there are several options.

  • Easiest is to make a menu option to turn off healing from teammates. If someone tries to heal you, it bumps you off gray but gives no HP. Would obviously be annoying if you forget to turn off when switching characters, but it's hard to argue that it isn't a nerf and is opt-in on a case by case basis.

  • Change Holy Fortitude. Not every zealot build revolves around THP tanking everything to keep low HP (though most legend+ builds do), but virtually all the ones that do use Holy Fortitude.

IMO, there's two ways they can change it:

  • Add "Negate all healing from passive abilities" to the perk. This would mean that healing item share, and HP regen, would not proc on Zealot. It would also make Natural Bond give no HP, but would make healing items still restore THP, which would be interesting. Again, pretty clearly a nerf, except in the very edge case of the class that WANTS zero interaction from other players on their HP bar.

  • Add "Healing from passive abilities is converted to Temp HP" to this perk. THP would likely need to be changed slightly to not re-set the decay cooldown from THP gained from other players or natural bond, but it would make these "buffs" actually be viable with Saltz. A huge buff, to be fair, but arguably about as big of one as what any other player gets from natural bond, WW, or GK.

To me, I think it's dumb that two of the strongest and most cooperative traits in the game are effectively selfish and meh because ONE class gets completely dicked over by them. That doesn't make sense.

And I know I'm far from the first person to bring this up. But with GKK, this really is something that Fatshark should just change, as a huge QoL improvement for Zealot players.

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