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Hope for a Pyro buff (Melee Sienna Career)

warhammer 9 - Hope for a Pyro buff (Melee Sienna Career)

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Hi all!

I am under no illusion that this will likely not be addressed at this point in the games life cycle, but I thought I'd post it anyway so I can at least stop thinking about it xD

For a while now in this reddit I've seen the general consensus that the Pyro is largely seen as underwhelming. This is fair a critique, she is clumsy and frustrating to get mileage out of for a number of reasons, however this was the career I gravitated to (purely on name alone) for Sienna.


With the release of the Outcast Engineer, there seems to be a loose pattern for each different career for each character, typically supporting (in a very broad generalisation):

  • Support heavy role (Merc, VR, WHC)
  • Ranged DPS (Huntsman, OE, WS, BH, BW)
  • Stagger tank (FK, IB, HM, UC)
  • Melee DPS (GK, Slayer, Shade, Zealot)

Some obviously cross the lines a fair way, but this is how I think I would lump them into groups. The hard one to place is the Pyro, but after a while trying to make sense of her I believe she falls into Sienna's melee DPS role… and if that isn't intended, I believe it should be.

Her build up of crit chance from Critical Mass is what gives her melee power, chunking into the hoard and specials alike with up to 50% crit chance if you spec for it, plus of course if you are in this crit powerhouse zone, your ability to fire off at ranged specials (without your ult anyway) is severely hindered.


Some of these bring balance and should stay, but the combination of all of them makes this career unwieldy…

  1. Crits are inherently luck based, you can't rely on them for breakpoints to say smack down a hook rat in the horde before he grabs, or slip in a crit HS on a berserker before he swipes you, etc.
  2. You're encouraged to flirt with Overcharge explosion, but this comes with a lot of drawback. It slows you down, is awkward to maintain and forces you to swap weapons a lot, stops your ranged special control, basically invalidates half your perks…
  3. Her ult is… unreliable at best. Seriously this thing is so inconsistent with what it hits and how well it does… I won't explain, if you have used it, you know.
  4. Her temp HP options are not really inline with her skillset.

Possible Buffs

Make Volans Doctrine (the overcharge movement speed one) a passive. This means she isn't punished for building overcharge without this perk, and can actually try to use other things.

Give us a perk to instead to slow overcharge ventilation. This reduces our need to keep swapping and random firing to hold our charge.

Swap one of her level 5 temp hp generators to crit hits. Why this isn't a thing already, when the career is designed for critical hits is beyond me. Would it a no brainer choice? Maybe, temp hp based on enemy kills is hardly a slouch, however if you're with zealots or GKs, racing for the last hit is a pain.

General quality of life improvement for burning head. Instead of being a shit way stalker ult, how about making it target specials in view as a priority, or maybe another passive that gives Burning Head extra crit chance on basic enemies so you are likely to get more chances to fire off multiple shots with Blazing Echo.

Some of perhaps all these things would make her much less annoying to play.

That gets that off my chest. Thoughts would welcome 😁

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