Warhammer: Vermintide

Hopefully some tips for new players

warhammer 1 - Hopefully some tips for new players

I've been playing this for a long time now and thought i'd share some tips:

  1. Always try and pair up. You don't need to stay with the whole group but two people is always better than one
  2. Actually defend each other over yourself. I find it makes a big difference if you defend your allies , as you may be the one that kills the enemy that was just about to finish them off.
  3. Alternate between pushing, dodging and attacking during combat. Unless your a cleave god, constantly attacking will often result in you getting hit by that one enemy slight off to your side etc. When i fight, i stand still and try and only move backwards and attack then push. This can mitigate a lot of damage.
  4. When a swarm starts, everyone should find either a corridor / corner to stand in. You need to reduce the angles attacks can come from. This can also get you killed in some situtuions, like a gas rat, leech or partrol but it works most of the time. I find defending on a stairs to be the best, as you can often hit them as they pathfind up the stairs.
  5. Don't move more than a few seconds worth of travel away from your team, unless the objective needs you to. I've had countless times when I'll be fighting a swarm with my team and I turn away for a few seconds and they're all left. Not all characters can effectively just run away and i was left dealing with the swarm by myself in a corner of the map, like 30 seconds walk away from my team. If one special had managed to get me, i'd have been dead.
  6. Know what your character is good at and focus on it. I've recently build Markus to deal very well with swarms, which not many people do. I'd say most people are built to hand specials, elites and monsters. There was a sawrm during a fight with a monster and I ignored the monster and focussed on dealing with the swarm as they went to attack my team. My team could then focus 100% on the monster and we got throught it very easily.
  7. Use potions during any swarm, patrol or monster / boss. There's no real reason to hold onto them and most poeple end up never using them. A speed potion can make a monster fight trivial, just because you can move backwards faster than it can forwards etc.
  8. Try and pick talents that affect your teammates over yourself. If there's an option to make X effect, affect my teammates, i'll take it. Kerrillian can give people below 50% health regen, which is game changing in higher difficulties. Markus can apply 10% attack speed to nearby allies, wich is 40% overall opposed to the other talent that makes it 20% or + 15% power. This also goes for talents, e.g. I use a Off Balance on melee weapons, so enemies take 20% more damage. I use Proxy for potions and Shrapnel on grenades

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