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Host migration is getting grating

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Probably everyone is aware of how "host migration" doesn't actually do anything except restart the level with a randomly picked host from the group. That's an issue in itself, but there's more to it.

As it turns out from some testing (although for obvious reasons it was hard to test this) it seems to be impossible for people to join a game that was created through host migration through quickplay. Meaning that if someone actually thinks "Oh well, guess we'll just restart", their game is fu*ked from the getgo because nobody will be able to join, making it a 3 player game at best. It creates a doomed game that seems to not be in the matchmaking list.

This obviously means that the best course of action whenever a host is going to DC is just to return to keep, since that's the fastest way to get back to actually playing the game. Except… there's no option to for one of the clients. One client is always picked as the new host, and he'll always be tossed into a (as explained, doomed) game that nobody can join, without a way to select no. Ontop of that, if someone else then actually decides to join the new host (which isn't rarely), that new host will then be UNABLE TO QUIT OUT OF THE MAP until that person loaded in. Then, when you quit out… you inflict this upon yet another person.


The whole thing is absolutely grating, especially if you're blessed with bad luck (or maybe it goes by level, steam name, location?) and it makes you the new host every time. That's just time to tab out and do something else for 5 minutes for me because I can't be fu*ked to sit through multiple load times.

If dedicated servers aren't implemented, and if it's going to stay that way for a while like it looks it will, PLEASE atleast just boot everyone to keep if host DCs. This whole pretense for a "host migration" system is doing more bad than good.

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