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How are people liking the patch so far?

chivalry medieval warfare screenshot 09 ps4 us 26oct15 1024x576 - How are people liking the patch so far?

I'm mostly interested in what other Legend players have to say about it, but it'd be cool to hear from everyone.

My experience: I played way too much yesterday, almost 8 hours, mostly on Legend. Going to start with the negative stuff and finish with the positive.

I have to say that something feels off for my group's experience. It seems that specials are still regularly (some missions it was close to 100%) emptying out their queue and spawning all specials at once.

The Skaven hordes are very tedious. Not all that challenging (the horde itself, the all-American gas rats are still an extreme nuisance if you're surrounded by mobs) and they seem to spawn too often, which adds a ton of time to the map.

Overall it feels much more difficult, almost absurdly so in some cases. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy legend being difficult, but we had many instances of 2x hookrats, 2x assassins and a gas rat for good measure spawning almost at the same time during constant hordes of skaven that make the maps take much longer than they did in 1.0.5.


Hordes still regularly spawn during boss encounters, weapon switching still feels bad, we had a player die from falling through the world (on War Camp only), etc.

Positives, I like the boss changes so far and the loot dice are a great addition that makes them worth running. The beam staff changes seem to be solid, not too much and not too little. The Chaos warrior reduction was very much needed. It's not an immediate game over if you aggro them and of course the voice line changes are great.

TL;DR seems like something may have broken with special spawns on legend (or with deed carrying over, since we ran a deed with more specials to start the day and throughout the day it almost seemed like it persisted, but I obviously have 0 evidence of this)

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Some good stuff in this patch overall and I'm happy that FS is at least regularly patching things trying to improve on the issues.

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