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How can we balance sniper weapons.

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Right now crossbows and rifles are not in a very good place, especially on the higher difficulties. Atleast for me their main purpose is to dispose of high priority targets – specials, stormvermin, berserkers and so on, and to occasionally shoot normal enemies for the heck of it. But the fact that they cant oneshot pack rats or leeches kinda makes me feel helpless when I carry one, especially on a non – ranged class that also suffers from severe range drop off.

The rifle and the crossbow have their own identity right now. Rifle is slow to aim and reload but deals more damage and the crossbow deals less damage but is faster to aim and reload. They should keep their identity, whatever changes they receive, so we dont end up with two different skins for the same thing(mostly in the case of Bardin).

The crossbow would be fine with faster reloads without being overpowered, but it also needs armor pen to make it competitive with the other ranged choices.


The rifle would benefit from its range drop off removed for all careers and the ability to oneshot specials reliably. Whether by giving it enough damage to body shot or quicker aim speed to make headshots easier to pull off is the question though. Honestly I would prefer it if you could body shot. I cant see the rifle in any other role, except special disposal and right now, almost every other ranged weapon is better at it. Bows are way easier to aim and longbows still need one headshot do kill pack masters or leeches. They can also easily do repeat shots, making them far superior the rifle. Other faster weapons can reliably kill specials, because you can just spam, including the repeater guns. Not even going to talk about the Grudge Raker or Siennas staves or repeater crossbows. The rifle is very slow to aim and shoot again, which makes using it proficiently very hard and generally an unreliable weapon to take on champion and legend.

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