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How I learned to love the Witch Hunter Captain (with a suggested build)

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After playing a significant number of matches on both Champion and Legend with Zealot and Bounty Hunter, I found a respectable place for both that I enjoyed (Zealot as psycho melee DPS/Tank mix analogous to Slayer, Bounty Hunter as ranged DPS heavy lifter) but I felt like Witch Hunter Captain inhabited an odd place which was good at neither and was under powered compared to the others. No resistance perks like Zealot and no guaranteed crits or damage burst ult like BH, and the seemingly sub-par perk synergy just turned me away as soon as I could pick a new subclass at level 6.

So after reach 30+15 for Saltzpyre, I felt like WHC deserved another shot with some weapons I didn't really give too much of a chance (I pretty much only used either Falchion or Flail for Zealot or BH for most of my leveling) so I figured the rapier would be a change of pace from the typical slash-only movesets I was used to.

After around 4 or 5 overlevels, I can safely say that WHC is now of one of my most enjoyed classes to play which is also surprisingly powerful at high difficulties. The synergy of the rapier with the rest of his abilities and his general adaptability from ranged to melee makes him feel powerful in any situation and also rewarding to play. It may not have the full cheese power which BH can give on Legend for an easier time, but his passives can give you a surprisingly powerful melee with good ranged backup (mainly his passive of instant kill on headshots which are also critical hits on anything short of Chaos Warriors and Bosses).

Here is my current built I run on WHC, I am always open to criticism as my set-up is run more often on Champion and I also find some enjoyment on using his "stock" load-out of what you see in the character select

Lvl 5: Charmed Life (The extra dodge distance after the buff is significant and will save your skin many times over when kiting bosses and tough units, additionally your lack of raw resistance to damage perks will make the ability to dodge or block damage completely all the more useful)

Lvl 10: Abjure Temptation (Since the update where Power actually makes a difference, free 15% extra power against all enemies for carrying something 9 out of 10 times you were already going to get is a great bonus that you will feel when slashing through hordes with the rapier)

Lvl 15: Wild Fervor (An extra 8% crit chance for 6 secs on marked enemy death with the crit focused build is nothing to sneeze at, and we want all the crit chance we can get)

Lvl 20: Righteous Zeal (I experimented with both temp health on critical hit and temp health on kill and found for the most part that kill health gain is the better choice for actually getting some health gain, which WHC can get crits when it counts, he can't put out a consistent enough flow of crits during his melee or ranged to get the health back. The rapier can kill quickly enough with its light slashes in hordes that you can regen large chunks of health and will provide a more stable health source.)

Lvl 25: Redoubled Purpose (Okay this perk, I originally wanted the extension of crit chance bonus duration to 10 seconds but after playing with it, I found out that whenever I used my active ability it DID NOT increase my duration beyond the normal 6 seconds. I counted and it was definitely not 10 seconds long. So for the time being, unless my brain spasmed during counting and someone else says that it actually is 10 seconds, the cooldown reduction is nice and allows usage more often, which is always a plus when facing groups of elites.)

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Primary: Rapier, +5% Crit Chance, +25% Block Cost Reduction OR +10.0% Power vs. Chaos, TRAIT: Resourceful Combatant (We want those crits as often as possible, so getting it wherever possible is needed. For the second, I found utility in both of the choices listed above. The chaos class generally has higher individual unit health in a horde compared to skaven and the ability for more damage and cleave is a boon. Alternatively, the ability to eat hits is always helpful, and considering legend where enemies can bash through your stamina like butter if you don't take reduction cost bonuses, you want to be able to absorb some hits when crap goes south and you need to reposition. Getting extra cooldown on your long recharge time is nice, and since you should be getting crits fairly often, this will make an impact on your downtime)

Ranged: Your Choice! (I believe that there is no single best ranged for this particular build, as ranged should primarily serve as a special killer/boss damage/you're injured and the horde is nice and lined up. I got the best mileage out of the dual musket pistols by their on demand high power and style factor, but again, your choice. Choose +Power against Chaos and Armored if Possible and Scavenger for some of dem bullets back)


Necklace: (+20-30% block cost reduction, your choice for second, TRAIT: Your choice but I prefer Boon of Sheayla (As stated before with the rapier, being able to absorb more hits against enemies is beneficial for avoiding damage which is what we're all about. For those times where the hits do go through, and they will eventually, having some extra bang for your buck on temp health gain and healing drafts/bandages is nice to have. If you find more utility out of another trait, then feel free to use that over the 30% extra healing. My second bonus was extra health but saltz is squishy on this build and should try to avoid damage altogether)

Charm: +10.0% Power vs. Chaos, +10.0-5.0% Power vs. Infantry, TRAIT: Decanter (Preferably) or Proxy (MOAR POWER! Getting these stacks against Chaos will give us better odds against those pesky Chaos Warriors and Marauders as well as northerner hordes, and extra infantry power will aid in cleaving through the normal groups like butter with the rapier's fast light attack. The trait of longer duration, in my opinion, is almost universally the best trait for all subclasses with a few exceptions in increasing your bursts of efficiency with potions, but you can take proxy if you're feeling like a team player.)

Trinket: +5.0% Crit Chance, +20-35% Curse Resistance, TRAIT: Shrapnel (Like with everything else, we need those crits as often as possible and get them wherever we can. Curse Resistance should be a part of any build you make because that grim debuff is rough on any difficulty and should be mitigated whenever possible. 20% extra damage to targets that have been blasted with grenades is always a solid choice)

PRO TIPS (or not-so-pro) for making this build shine:

-Your rapier's charged poke attack is consistent, fast, and will always hit where you point if you get used to how to aim it. This means that pulling off fast chains of headshot pokes is relatively easy and can chew through boss health surprisingly fast

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-Your rapier has 2 different levels of charged power! if you just hold the attack long enough to do the poke instead of a slash, the attack will deal around 2x damage compared to a light (based off the keep dummies). If you hold the charge for around a half second, where the rapier pulls all the way back and begins to shake, the attack will deal about 5x damage of a light attack. Utilizing chains of heavy charged attacks on stormvermin or other elites will make short work of them, even without crits.

-WHC passives, which include instant kills on crit-headshots for man-sized enemies and no stamina cost on enemy light attacks, provide substantial power and defense that will set up suprising bursts of damage which are of great utility as long as you try for melee headshots. The crit criteria makes it somewhat unpredictable, but the feeling of slaying stormvermin and marauders with a single light poke or slash headshot never gets old.

-Always be tagging special/elites! And try to get your teammates to tag as well, because your tag passives activate on any tagged enemy death!

-Your active pushes back enemies and gives you extra critical chance, so it can be used as a way to clear bad guys off of downed teammates for a revive or to give a boost of fighting potential during horde engagement or a boss battle. Just be aware that it does NOT make you tougher, so slashing wildly during its activation in the middle of a horde or specials/elites is a good way to get downed fast.

-Play smart! You don't have the health or resistance to take many hits so utilize the extra dodge distance you have to evade. If you've played handmaiden, its kinda similar to that playstyle.

And that's all I got! If you've made it this far then thank you for reading my little opinion slice! Any critiques or suggestions build is welcome as I in no way boast the perfect build or optimal set up, just what I have found success with under most circumstances. Additionally, this build has more experience on Champion than Legend so be cautious when diving in on Legend. Finally, if you just here to say that WHC sucks, I suck, this build sucks, this game sucks, or some combination of all four, then I'll just say that I respect your opinion but believe that it should be expressed in a less hostile manner.


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