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How I personally enjoy the game

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I have 600+ hours in VT2 and most of my friends stopped playing. They often ask me how I still enjoy running the same maps over and over again. Don't I get bored? Not really. I play around 2 hours of vermintide 2 every night and look forward to it almost every time.

Here's how I enjoy it:

  1. I'm perfecting myself. I'm an aging gamer thats noticably getting worse at "twitch reflex" online games but VT2 is one of the last games I'm genuinely good at. I'm currently trying to master every class available. That means finishing every mission on legend with every character (that I think is fun) and unlocking the black skin. Playing as Foot Knight Kruber and then as Shade Kerillian is playing two very distinct meta games.

  2. I immerse myself. I'm a huge Warhammer lore nerd and I can't go through a single day wishing I was a Witch Hunter Captain or a Bright Wizard. Very few games scratch that itch like Vermintide 2 does. Total Warhammer is fun but the strategy gameplay doesn't feel as immersive as being in the actual shoes of a character in the Endtimes.

  3. I diversify my loadout. Don't just use what is the optimal setup. Basically every weapon is viable and experimenting with them is what you should do. Kicking ass with a underpowered weapon on Legend is the mark of a pro.

  4. Smaller sessions. I remember when the game first came out I could play it for 5+ hours straight and not get bored. That time is passed. I think the optimal way to enjoy VT2 is to play around 2 hours then move on to something else.

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