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How Quick Play determines a “random” map

warhammer 6 - How Quick Play determines a "random" map

Questions around this seem to popping up now and then, and there are a lot of inaccuracies going around, due to overall complexity, anecdotal data and the fact that some people still mix in stuff from before the system was changed two years ago.

The Algorithm

First, here is a pseudo-code description of the algorithm used to pick a map for QP:

for every player in lobby do: for every level do: apply base weight of 1 if not is_level_completed: multiply weight by 10 // the progression multiplier, to aid the "campaign" for the last 20 played games: reduce level weight by ((21 - index) / 20) // index is 1 for most recent, 20 for least recent // this is additive: if a level shows up more than once, its weight is reduced multiple times // does not drop below 0 for every level do: if is_dlc_level and not party_finished_act4: remove level from list if is_level_locked_for_any_player remove level from list avg weights from all players roll dice based on weights // higher weight = higher chance 

and the corresponding source code is here. Going back in time, the last significant change was in version 1.4, here is the previous algorithm.

Key points

Interpretation includes functionality from code not linked directly above

  • All of this only applies to a player that is present when the game chooses a map. It does not affect which maps you get when QPing into a running game.
  • You can QP into a custom game, where the map isn't chosen by QP, even if they are still in the lobby.
    • This skews people's perception, since they incorporate data into the interpretation of the algorithm that was never generated by the algorithm.
    • If a map is popular enough for people to make custom games for it, it will show up more often in people's "recent games" lists and therefore become less likely in QP. Which in turn makes more people open custom games for that map.
    • Similarly, if people want to avoid certain maps and create custom games with their custom "semi-random" subset of maps, they make those avoided maps more frequent in QP.
  • If anyone in the party hasn't beaten Skittergate at least once, all DLCs are skipped, regardless of weights
  • The progress multiplier of 10 is huge compared to the usual range of 0 – 1
  • Including DLCs, there are more than 20 maps in the game, so a player always has multiple levels with weight 1
    • But in a full lobby chances are high that these weights are decreased by one of the other players
  • Your most recent map has a weight of almost 0. But if you're a party of two and the other player hasn't played that map recently at all, the averaged weight is back to 0.5.
  • The more you switch lobbies (e.g. by leaving when you get a map you don't like) the less effective the whole system becomes. Since you constantly match with players that might have vastly different weights, everything approaches equal weights.
  • If a particular map is unpopular within the community and many people leave the map early, all other maps will become more popular, proportionally, thereby increasing everyone's weight of the unpopular map.

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