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How “Should” I be building foot knight for legend?

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Although I've been having good success with pugging legend recently I would like to hear input from players who have a lot of experience with foot knight on talents and itemization they consider to be "most optimal" on the foot knight.

In creating a build for foot knight I've found it's a difficult decision to build for either offense or go defensive. I've seen HaasGaming's foot knight guide on youtube already (and I consider it to be a very good one at that) where the premise of defensive play is to stack a lot of attack speed and stamina shields to where you can stagger and kill hordes safely without much risk of taking damage. My concern is in regards to chaos hordes wherein you would need 27% pwr vs chaos/infantry in order to 1-shot a basic infantry unit with a halberd m1 – I either need to gear itemization heavily towards this breakpoint which would mean I'd lose out on attack speed on charm and an open item property slot on my halberd or I'd have to take glory hound over a life of battle at level 25 talent and rely on my ability for horde clearing power which translates into me having less utility. I'm considering traiting for resourceful combatant but I'm really low on crafting dust right now so I kind of just have to work with what I already have.

Presently here is my typical loadout on foot knight:



Halberd – 4.6% attack speed, 5.0% critical chance, parry

Handgun – 5% critical chance, 8.0% power vs. skaven, scrounger

Necklace – 10.0% damage reduction vs. chaos, 18.0% health, Boon of Shalya

Charm – 8.5% power vs. chaos, 5.0% attack speed, decanter

Trinket – 33.0% curse resistance, 5.0% critical chance, shrapnel


Level 5: 5.0% attack speed

Level 10: 40.0% increase stamina regen for 2 seconds on heavy attacks

Level 15: Aura grants 1 extra stamina shield to you and party

Level 20: Temp HP on kill

Level 25: 25% power for 10 seconds on using valiant charge

The premise of this setup is to achieve the breakpoint which allows me to deal with chaos horde infantry easier while still maintaining a high base attack speed. I am stacking crit to either go for swift slaying or resourceful combatant (although the real reason is because I got hyped over getting a near perfect roll on as/crit on my halberd lol).

What would you do differently, and why? Are there any notably bad choices I have with my current loadout? Why are those choices bad? I would like to hear your thoughts.

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