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How to add a whole lot more “end game” without too much work (development wise)

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I think we need two things to start with here. A new difficulty and a new rarity of gear (weapons).

I haven't been playing much VT2 lately because the game has gotten really stale for me. I don'T wanna say "too easy" but that's really what it is especially since Scrounger allows for infinite ammo and Sienna's heat management is way too easy and allows for even more ranged spam.

The only time I really had fun in the game lately was when running Twitch integration on Legend or even in combination with Deeds. Which is where my ideas come from for the most part.

New difficulty – take Legend, even if you don't wanna increase the HP and/or damage of the enemies, and just add an automated Twitch integration into it. Say every ~60 seconds you would get something, be it elite spawn or a boss or whatever else. There would be no voting period, you'd just get something like a 10 second notice showing you what's about to happen. Maybe remove the "good" rolls from the pool, like free potions and whatnot. Call it a Cataclysm difficulty for extra nostalgia points. Combine it with some of the deed modifiers as well perhaps.

New gear rarity – take existing red skins, make some of the weapon textures black/darker and change the glow from blue to red, done, ez. Call these weapons "Cursed" and make it so that we can only ever carry one into the battle as they would also act as grims or half-a-grims and they would reduce our HP. In return, they would have one additional trait, from a new pool, maybe some VT1 traits could make a comeback? Backstabbery, Devastating blow, Endurance, Berserking, Improved Guard, Improved Pommel… list goes on! We could reroll the secondary trait with red dust. Give Heroic Killing Blow back ples.

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This alone is what would make me excited about playing the game again along with all the people on my Steam friendlist of which 90% already got bored of Legend as well in its' current state. Not to mention that red gear isn't even rare anymore, there's no excitement for every 'yet another red' I get and there's nothing to look forward to really in terms of progression for more hardcore players. Getting reds in VT1 was so much more exciting and I'd use them even if I didn't like the traits! In VT2 there's absolutely no prestige to red weapons, everyone has heaps of em. Hell I have most red weapons for each career and I've only played ~13 games with many of them for the achievement.

If you were to do this, I'd say the new weapons should only ever drop with ~5% chance at most from Emperor's chests and only from the new difficulty mode.

Im sure this could be polished or done in many different ways but this is what I threw together from random thoughts and discussions with other people and I'm sure all you mayflies in the comment section can come up with even better ideas so go for it! 🙂

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