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How to become better at Vermintide with the options menu

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Developers usually target default controls and graphics settings towards filthy casuals newer players. The controls tend to not be the best for high levels of play but they are the least confusing. Graphics settings are similar – they make the game visually bombastic but also visually cluttered for practical purposes. If you've ever turned the vegetation off in Battlefield or need 300 FPS in CS:GO, you know what I'm talking about. This is a guide to optimizing your keybindings and graphics settings in Vermintide 2.


In Vermintide, being accurate and turning around fast are both important. To start, you're going to want to turn off the mouse acceleration (Definition) that is by default on in windows 10. Here is a

If your mouse has a DPI setting (Definition) you want to set it relatively low – gaming mice advertise, "up to 10000 DPI!!" just to have a big number, your aim would be awful if you actually set your DPI that high.

Now your sensitivity is at least consistent. After this is mostly personal preference and experimenting but here is the guideline I use. You want to be able to spin 180 degrees to your right, recenter, then spin 180 to your left without having to lift up your mouse to reposition IRL. I define this as the minimum sensitivity for vermintide because it lets you scan 360 degrees without IRL clunkiness. So you want to find a sensitivity high enough to make it easy to swivel check your surroundings but low enough to land headshots. There are some really in depth guides out there to finding perfect mouse sensitivity but this is what I consider essential.


If I don't mention it it's personal preference or irrelevant.

  • Double tap dodge: Off. This way of dodging is slightly more difficult with no benefit. Stick to WASD+dodge key.
  • Head Bobbing: OFF
  • Camera Shake: OFF – Both of these are immersive but unnecessary distractions.
  • Player Outlines: ALWAYS ON – It gets inconsistent at long distance but regardless very helpful.
  • Blood and Gore: I leave it on but if you're going 110% tryhard turn it off.
  • Enabled Crosshairs: ALL
  • Overcharge Opacity: 100 – There are already enough visual and sound cues related to overcharge, this just blinds you.
  • Chat enabled- ON – If you have voip muted please say something. People with mics could be screaming PAT without knowing you're deaf.


Vermintide uses the default steam mic settings which is why some people sound fine and others are whispering. Open steam, on the top right navigate to Steam/Settings/voice and set microphone volume to max. The default is 50% for some reason. You can also boost your mic volume in Windows 10 by going to the Control Panel/Hardware&Sound/Sound/Recording/(Your mic)/Properties/Levels/Microphone boost. I have an awful mic and have to set the boost to 20 for people to hear me.

  • Master Volume: Preference
  • Music volume: As low as possible while still being able to hear it. You want to be able to know when bosses show up and when hordes start but any louder and it's just covering up more important sound cues.

  • Voice Chat: ON – Please set it to on as default and mute insufferable people. Almost always people are just communicating helpful information.

  • Sound Quality: High – Medium CPU performance impact. If you have a potato PC turn every other setting down before you touch this, it's very important.

  • Dynamic Range: High – This does depend on the quality of your headphones/speakers.


  • Jump/dodge: Unassigned
  • Dodge: Space
  • Jump: Shift – Dodge is way more important than jump and you don't want room for error. Get used to it, it's worth it.
  • Crouch: Have this accessible. Z/X/C, or a mouse button. It has more use than is obvious.
  • Walk: Unassigned – All walk does is use up a valuable keyspace
  • Reload: Alt – Default R means you can't move to the right when venting, or for a split second when normally reloading.
  • Tag: Mouse middle/mouse scroll up or down/spare mouse button. I can not stress enough how simultaneously important and underutilized tag is. You should be spamming tag on every elite and special, item spawn locations from a distance, on bosses, through hordes to search for hook bois. Just because you see it doesn't mean your team does and the outline on dangerous enemies makes attack animations easy to see when the screen is a mess.

Keybindings below this line are optional.

  • Use- A Mouse Button – If you have any spare at this point.
  • Wield Melee Weapon: Q
  • Wield Ranged Weapon: E – This was born out of Q for quick swap being inconsistent. If you have ever found yourself aiming with your ranged weapon when you meant to switch to melee and block, you know what I mean. It's fine to keep the defaults for Use/Melee/Ranged but I used to be clumsy with 1/2 and it always works with Q/E.
  • Health: 1
  • Potion: 3
  • Grenade: 5 – This is only if you use my Q/E set up for melee/ranged. It's impossible to misselect anything in your inventory now.
  • Wield next/previous: Anything but mouse wheel up/down. Middle mouse button is way more important for tagging and mouse scroll is too easy to over/under scroll for selection. You can also use scroll up/down to spam an input like TAG or USE if you want.
  • Push to Talk: Z/X/C or a mouse button. You want to be able to talk in combat without handicapping your movement.


Seriously, if you use a controller on PC I strongly advise you bite the bullet and learn mouse/keyboard. It's objectively better after the initial learning curve.


Max Upload Speed: 2MBIT/S – This makes you a better host. Only set it lower if your internet is Dial Up speeds.



  • Screen Mode: You want to run the game in fullscreen, for whatever reason borderless causes performance issues. If you're an alt-tab addict like me, launch it in borderless in the launcher, then switch to fullscreen in the settings. A few seconds of work every time you start the game and now you can alt-tab from fullscreen without the game entering windowed mode.
  • Resolution: You want the resolution to be the native resolution of your monitor.
  • FOV: As high as you can. The more you can see the less can sneak up on you. I would say a minimum of 85, otherwise as much fisheye as you can handle.
  • Vsync: I have a Gsync monitor so always have had vsync off – I'll edit this into actual advice if someone wants to comment :).
  • Cap Framerate: You probably want to cap your framerate, it's just up to how strong your PC is. Vermintide is not well optimized so you can get 100 FPS in the keep but you drop to 60 when there's a horde. If this is the case for you, just cap it at 60. You want consistency and huge FPS variance will throw your play. if you can't hit 60fps with the lowest settings leave it uncapped.
  • Max Stacking Frames: Leave it on auto. Whenever I try to min/max this setting, the input latency or unstable framerate is not worth the trade. Might be different on other PCs.


These are settings that might look nice but you should turn off. It's more mess on the screen that doesn't give you any useful information.

  • Scatter Density: Off – This is all distracting nonsense.
  • Blood Decal Amount: 0 – Even though it doesn't work. FS please fix.
  • SSAO: Medium – Actually not a visual clutter effect but it does cause ghosting/blur at high/extreme.
  • Depth of Field: Off – Literally just makes stuff blurry
  • Lens Flare: Off – Obscures your vision, no thanks
  • Color and Lens Distortion: Off – I don't want distortions in my game.
  • Motion Blur: Off – Also makes everything blurry


You want your framerate as high as possible to optimize your play. Quality vs framerate is a personal preference though, so you have to experiment yourself which settings you find acceptable to turn down for extra frames. What is important to know is that Vermintide is extremely CPU dependent. If you get massive framerate dips in hordes, turn down every single setting that has a CPU performance label on it. It's possible to keep the game looking great but running better than preset graphical settings.


  • DirectX version: You probably want to run DX11. DX12 gives worse performance for almost every game on the market, V2 included.
  • Worker Threads: The max allowed. If your worried about the number turning red, download something like HWmonitor to check your CPU temps. The choice here is either poor performance or your CPU fan working harder.

Ok there's the guide. The non-optional controls are hard to get used to but absolutely worth it. If anyone has other settings related tips let me know, I'll add them if it fits the theme.

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