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How to deal with hordes as zealot

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I've been pretty much maining Bardin since I started playing, primarily Ironbreaker and Slayer, and I've gotten used to having a big ol' warhammer or greataxe, a weapon that's great for CC'ing/clearing hordes and does some serious work against armored enemies as well (plus, the Slayer also has those fantastic dual axes which are another great versatile weapon). However, playing the same character over and over and over can get a bit boring, and I wanted to branch out a bit, so I decided to try Zealot, I usually enjoy those kind of barbarian-esque characters that can both take a lot of hits and deal a lot of damage, plus thematically he just sounded amazing.

I've been really enjoying it so far, but I've been struggling with hordes. I've primarily been using the flail, and while the initial heavy attack does some serious work on the front of the horde, it's just too slow and feels so inefficient if I try to chain multiple heavies back to back. I tried swapping to the greatsword, and while that does chew through hordes about as well as Bardin's axe, it raises more problems in that it seriously struggles to deal with Chaos Warriors and Stormvermin.


I've had some success with the flail by making the first two initial arcing light attacks then blocking to reset the combo, but again, this just seems vastly less efficient than what my teammates are capable of doing, with their greataxes and halberds and fireballs, and this is reflected in the stats screen at the end as I consistently end up on the bottom of kills and damage dealt.

What's my best option here? Should I go back to the greatsword and just rely on my ranged weapons and teammates for dealing with armor? Is Zealot just meant to be a special/elite/boss killer and I have to accept my low overall damage? Or am I just playing the class incorrectly altogether and there's some better weapon or attack combo that lets him chew through armor and hordes alike? I tried looking up guides and info on the Zealot, but all I found was more focused on the build and talents and giving info on exactly how his ability worked, none of it really went over his ideal weapons and how to use them.

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