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How to Effortlessly Become a Better Player

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The game consists of decision-making and execution. Execution requires practice for improvement, but decision-making consists of if-then scenarios that you simply have to remember to adhere to before the game even begins. When in a game, execution should be taking up all of your attention. Correct decision-making should be based on a system that you've already created in your mind before the game even begins. Here are the pertinent ones that address most of the mistakes I see from pub players on Legend:

  1. Do not leave supplies when you have inventory space. This seems obvious, but people routinely leave behind pinged healing, potions, and bombs while their inventory has space. Even if you made the mistake of bringing natural bond, carry a healing item if your team is already filled with tomes, draughts, and medkits. Bombs should obviously be picked up whenever possible for situations that get out of control or for shrapnel on patrols and bosses, but potions deserve a mention as well because even if you don't use a potion well, you can always pass it to an ally who can use it well.

  2. Do not leave behind usable surplus supplies. This mainly applies to healing items. If your team passes a draught or medkit and everyone already has a tome, draught, or medkit, then whoever is grey should use it. If no one is grey, then whoever is lowest health should use it, with preference for grimoire holders if possible. Even in the case of potions, bombs, and ammo pouch. Drink the unneeded potion and pick up the desired surplus potion rather than just leaving it on the ground. Throw the bomb at the horde rather than leaving it on the ground. And, if it makes sense in the situation, you can even mag dump your ranged weapon and pick up the ammunition rather than leaving it on the ground.

  3. Use Healing Draughts before Medical Supplies. Unless you are clutching, there is no advantage to having a draught over a medkit. This is especially important when your team is on 3 Tomes, because you cannot freely pass draughts to tome holders. The fourth player having a medkit means you can heal anyone on your team. As a corollary, if you know the medkit won't heal you to full, you can try to safely build up some temp health before using it. Medkits convert all temp health into permanent health. Also, if you use medkit to heal an ally, you will lose grey status. So always heal an ally with medkit if both of you are grey and there is insufficient healing items to go around.

  4. Do not drop if you hear a special, ambush, horde, or boss spawn. There are a number of "points of no return" where once you drop off, you cannot go back. If you hear an event spawn, deal with the threat on the higher ground. It gives you better survey of the area to snipe the special, it gives you opportunity to kill cimbing hordes, and it gives you room to retreat to for fighting a boss. Hearing the spawn audio cue and then deciding to jump off of a drop point can sometimes make sense if the area ahead is a far better location to take a horde or boss, but almost always it is a better idea to retreat against a boss or horde to funnel or draw them into a good area to fight them rather than to forge ahead into the unknown and aggro more ambients while triggering more spawns by progressing forward.

  5. Do not drop if all 4 players are not safely next to each other. The stupidest way to lose a teammate is when they get a special or horde spawned on them while they are on the wrong side of a point of no return. There are zero good reasons to drop off before your allies are ready other than to farm green circles, which give you less loot than finishing a run safely. Standard practice when standing at a drop off point is to turn around and ascertain that your allies will be dropping safely within the next couple of seconds.

  6. When you free an ally from a disabler special, protect them from the hordes. When someone is freed from an assassin, hookrat, or leech, there's a period of time during which they cannot defend themselves. Most disabled players take massive damage during this time, far more damage than from the actual disabler, because allies usually free the disabled player and then simply go do something else. After freeing an ally, the next 2 seconds is the most important, you have to confirm their location because they can appear somewhere different from where you killed the special (especially hookrats) and begin spamming pushes and high cleave/stagger attacks because they may be in the middle of a hyperdense horde and you need to mitigate the damage they take.

  7. During boss fights, the boss is the lowest on the priority list. Obviously, if the boss is down to a sliver of health, then just finish it off. But if you get one of the usual boss + specials + horde situations, then make sure to snipe the special spawns and CLEAR THE HORDE AGGROED TO THE PERSON DODGE-DANCING THE BOSS. This is important, because the dodge-dancer WILL get his block broken by the boss's running attacks while he has a horde on him, and worse – the horde holds him in place while the boss performs unblockable slams, potentially downing him. But if the boss is the only thing hitting him then he won't take damage as long as he has sufficient room to dodge. And finally, clear the horde in the general area, and only after the boss is the last enemy standing should you be focusing your damage on it. If you have a Shade with a Concentration Potion though you can probably ignore everything I just said and delete the boss.

  8. When playing Skittergate, leave the Tome at the Deathrattler/Rasknitt arena before entering the portal to Norsca by exchanging it with the Healing Draught. This is a very specific piece of advice, but there are zero good reasons to lose a healing item for the next 30 minutes by occupying it with a tome that you can simply get back at the end after Rasknitt dies. And remember that the point of no return advice applies to this portal as well because hordes are known to spawn at the portal entrance. Also, there is a chance of sack rats spawning inside of the portal-realm between Helmgart and Norsca so look around in there after your vision adjusts.

There are exceptions to the things I've mentioned above, but none of them require any skill to simply be conscious of during a game. When you become a sufficiently strong player, you will know when to ignore the above rules because your specific situation calls for a different response. But until then, let these rules be automatic processes such that, for example, every time you reach a drop off point, you instinctively look behind you for allies, et cetera. Simply knowing to do these things will greatly increase your chances of clearing with the maximum number of tomes and grimoires in tow on Legend.

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