Warhammer: Vermintide

How to get best possible performance from VT2 ? How to alleviate CPU bottleneck ?

warhammer 5 - How to get best possible performance from VT2 ? How to alleviate CPU bottleneck ?

Hey guys,

  • I'm curious if anyone got some usefull tips on optimizing this game. I spend now nearly 3 weeks working on this and didn't really get to some satisfying result.
  • I'm using 165Hz monitor and first thing is that keeping 165fps all the time is absolutely impossible right now (in legend at least). It used to work few months ago, I even recorded vid because someone requested it. But it's absolutely impossible to get this now. I drop to 110-140 in hordes even with DX12. Issue is always CPU bottleneck – one or two cores hitting 100%. But like wtf is this, I got [email protected]>(mailto:[email protected])/[email protected]/Optane900P/[email protected] with custom bios without any limiting. That's nearly absolute top end right now.
  • https://youtu.be/-cLIXNzDz3A , consistent 165 fps
  • The 130 drops with some nice skaven hordes are happening even with everything at absolutely lowest setting @ 1080p, with HT optimizations ON (NVCP) , Shader Cache ON (NVCP), Windows 10 Fullscreen Optimizations ON or OFF, Thread Count 4/6/8/24(not sure what is max so … 24 :), Prerender Frames 1-4/Auto….. doesn't matter.
  • I can crank up graphics settings to [email protected] and I do get kinda similar performance, maybe with drops to 90-100 in worst case… without the cpu heavy features like shadows, I get basically the same performance so it's CPU issue. But how is it even possible that it used to run 165+ flawlessly before and now it drops to 110 with same settings ? That's absolutely massive drop in performance, 55+ fps basically.
  • Also one funny thing, if you get cpu bottlenecked, at least in VT2… the G-sync gets somehow rekt too, meaning when fps start running crazy around 130, it's absolutely terrible experience, it's not smooth at all. On the other hand if one gets bottlenecked by GPU, drops to lower fps and G-sync is doing it's thing, than it's not really big issue. But here in VT2, it is big issue, cos horde comes in… cpu gets rekt… G-sync performs like shit and it all results in terrible experience.
  • Any tips on how to optimize the CPU usage would be greatly appreciated.



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