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How to make the game more fun

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Hey Fatshark, you made a great game there. I have over 100h already (I know I am a filthy casual, and I'm not even sorry) and I really enjoy it. This subreddit is filled with a lot of balancing discussion and the latest patches have been mostly about balancing/fixing. And that's cool, it's an important thing obviously.

But I'd like to discuss some other topics, which in my opinion would add a really big fun factor to the game. I'm sorry in advance, this post will get a bit long.

"Make Vermintide More Fun"™ Features

1. Cutscenes

With the recent patch Fatshark removed the ability to start running early using F2 key. I think people liked using that because it's not fun waiting for an unskippable cutscene, no matter how pretty it is. First time you enjoy it, but after playing the level for 100 times, you don't really care for that cutscene anymore. So why do you want to force people to wait Fatshark? I think it would be cool if the cutscene would be shorter or you could skip it, if you have already completed the level. Let the people decide, if they want to watch it or not.

2. Crafting

The whole crafting interface is a bit of a mess currently and the crafting itself takes too much time. The 2-3 seconds for the animations to finish doesn't seem long at first, but when you need to reroll a property for the 100th time, it get's tedious really fast. You don't even need to invent the wheel here, crafting in Vermintide 1 was better iirc, or just look at Diablo 3 mystic's interface. When you enchant something there or reroll an item, its super fluent and easy. Also it would be really amazing if we had an ingame viewable collection tab for our weapon skins (illusions) – the system how to extract and apply them is really badly designed at the moment imo.

3. Finishing a mission

Before you can see the loot/score, you have to wait for:

  • victoy/defeat screen finishing
  • experience bar filling up
  • if you get level up, a commendation chest animation
  • quickplay bonus bar filling up
  • tome bar filling up
  • grim bar filling up
  • die bar filling up
  • ranald bar filling up

Only then you can take a look at the score table and sometimes not even that since it took you so long to wait for all those animations, that it skipped the score completely. My point is – it is a lot of waiting time for things that are not particularly interesting to look at. Especially after getting level 30, you don't really care for the experience filling up – why do you force us to wait every time? The whole process could be a lot faster I think. Also it would be great if we could see the scoreboard for the last match, because sometimes you miss it or just want to take a look again at how you carried hard by getting that sweet sweet green circle in "3515 damage taken" category.. What I'd really like to see, would be a compeltey different victory screen by the way. I think it's pretty cool how in Overwatch you can see your teamcomp on the screen together. Why not do something similar Fatshark? Maybe the background would depend on the mission just finished, the heroes are standing together on a pile of dead skaven, maybe throw a boss corpse in there somewhere if a boss was killed. Please exuse my horrible paint skills:

You killed 100000 skaven? You get a cool medal with a skaven skull you can display on your character. Completed all missions on legend? Medal. Scored 10000 Headshots with a bow? Amazing bow/arrow/crosshair medal. Those would be also visible in the custom victoy screen I was talking about earlier. Last thing – right now, a lot of chests/crates you find in the levels are empty. It is not fun to open an empty chest. It's fine if some of them are empty but right now it feels like most of them are. Give us some artifacts we can collect – maybe those can be found in chests and also be scattered across the levels like tomes/grims. Let's say skaven skulls and chaos warrior helmets. If you get enough of those, you can increase the chance/get a guaranteed cosmetic with chaos warrior helmets or the same thing for red items with skaven skulls.

Fatshark pls.

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