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how to optimize slayer stats for legend?

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Hi so ive reached the point in VT2 where champ is no longer that hard for me and so i want to focus on playing legend much more and after trying all the classes the one ive liked the most is slayer and that what ill be playing.

I just wanted to list my items and stats and get suggestions on how to improve them since i dont know much about breakpoint interaction between various stats and all that for legend, right now im running duel axes and war pick for hordes

axes have 2 stamina and 3.8 attack speed with swift slaying trait

pick has 4% crit and 20% crit power trait with resourceful combatant

necklaice has 20% health and 10% area dmg reduction

charm has 10% power vs chaos and 10% power vs infantry

trinket with 33% curse resistance


as you can see ive been really struggling with rolls to try and get "optimal" and ive gotten no breaks from ranald, its either one max stat or the other and this is the best compromise of stats ive gotten

talents are fairly standard though im at a loss on at 25 to get either crunch or no escape since i heard stagger values are different on legend?

secondly i have a question about crit stacking vs health

at 5 should i get 5% crit or 20% hp or is it not worth in the latter case since i already get 20% from necklace

is it better to go for a crit build with 5% from trait and 5% on each weapon for like 10% chance? i dont think ill be able to roll 5% crit and 33% curse resistance on trinked though ive blown like ~200 dust trying

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