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How to play Witch Hunter and how to fix him

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For those of you who want to look cool while killing rats there is really only one choice, Witch Hunter Captain. However he is arguably a worthless class with no redeeming features. With the right set up you can however make him playable in champion and legend.

The main problem he faces is a underwhelming ult with a giant cool down paired with no ability to regen ammo like bounty hunter.

This can be remedied through careful weapon choice and playing in a specific way. Firstly you are going to need a fast attacking weapon such as the rapier, or if having to heavy for armour scares you, the Falchion. On this weapon you are going to need to roll +attack speed and I would recommend +dmg to chaos. You are also going to need "critical hits reduce career skill cool-down by 2%", this last one is mandatory.

You will also need +5% attack speed and + 10% cdr on your trinkets. The lvl 25 30% cdr on your ult is also mandatory.

With this set up you can ult into a horde and left click away deleting the horde on your own and getting so many crits that by the time it's dead your ult is back up again. This is obviously reliant on a bit of luck as your ult doesn't give you 100% crit chance.

In general a worse case scenario is you end up with 75% ult charge and best case is it's ready to go again for the next fight. While Bounty hunter is still better this at least makes the class playable.

How to fix Witch Hunter Captain

Mandatory changes

If the ult is going to stay as a 3 minute cool-down "super ult", then it needs to actually be worth it. The ult needs to give 100% crit chance to the whole team for 6 seconds, rather than whatever pitiful amount it currently gives. To balance this with the above play style, the ult cannot start charging again until it's active duration is over.

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This ult would let the Witch Hunter get some use out of his critical head shots instantly slay man sized targets passive. Currently this passive is completely random as to when it will happen and borderline useless.

Optional Changes

These are possible changes that could be made. It would be unwise to do multiple of these but rather pick one and have it replace the underwhelming marked targets passive.

Passive 1: Trusty Brace

The Witch Hunter always has his trusty brace of pistols with him. No matter what ranged option you pick you will always have a brace of 20 pistols with you. This would just be a third weapon like selecting a bomb and would have power equal to your hero power. In the event you pick the pistols as your ranged option it would just add 20 to your max ammo for a total of 46 shots with the bonus ammo passive.

Passive 2: Fearless Leader

Enemies that have been damaged by the Witch Hunter take 15% bonus damage from allied attacks for 5 seconds. The Captain does not get this bonus damage but his team does. Excellent for burning down bosses which is important as Bounty hunter is a boss killing machine. This is also more interesting than having to constantly highlight enemies.

Passive 3: Inspiring Strikes

Critical hits give nearby teammates temporary health. This works well with the ult as it will give lots of temporary health to the team. Has some crossover with Krubers ult but is always on so any crit will give temporary Hp.

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