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How would you feel if the Heal Share targeted only 1 player for higher heal %, and took healing from nearby sources for small passive (THP) healing?

warhammer 8 - How would you feel if the Heal Share targeted only 1 player for higher heal %, and took healing from nearby sources for small passive (THP) healing?

Table of Contents (giant wall of Text INC)

  • The Talent and Proposition (The TL;DR) : Just read this for the idea. Zealot alone gets a special bonus for using it.
  • What does it actually do? : I explain how it would actually work in game with some basic numbers.
  • The Benefits and Uses of the Revamped Talent : Why would you use this over other THP? You don't*. This is not meant to be better than THP in general, but for supporting, defensive playstyles. Not frontliners.*
  • The Reality of it's Use: Would you take it? : Again, if you enjoy being up front, you do not use this.
  • The Curious Case of Zealot Saltzpyre : Heal Share on Zealot plausible? Perhaps, it depends on how you build and play him. There is some good pros and cons to it.
  • What happens when everyone runs Heal Share? : Shouldn't happen, but if it does: GG (this was always the case).

The Talent and Proposition (The TL;DR) 

Current First row, 3rd Talent (All characters have this talent): When healing yourself, heal nearby allies for 20% of the heal and clear all wounds.

Proposed Change: When healing yourself, heal the nearest ally for 60% including 100% of any overhealing. Clear all nearby ally wounds. Whenever the nearest ally (within 7-10m) receives healing, heal yourself for 25% of that amount (including THP, but converts to THP. Does not count healing from stacking this talent).

Added Clause for ZEALOT ONLY!: Fiery Faith stacks do not expire when Heart of Iron is not on cooldown (120 seconds). (As long as you never take lethal damage to get downed, you will retain your 5-6 stack indefinitely regardless of HP. This might seem OP, but if you think about it, you have to get low enough to get 6 stacks and then you have to heal yourself and not proc Heart of Iron: in most cases, you'll already be at full THP most of the time anyway. Because you run Heal Share to get this, your THP is now reliant on someone else. So all this really does is it allows the Zealot to actually make use of Heal Share… and retain their 6 stack when there is a waystalker or something).

What does it actually do? 

-If you heal yourself from healing items or receiving THP, you give 60% of that to ONE NEAREST ally (if its green healing, you share green health. If its THP, you share THP). The 60% comes from the fact you normally would heal 3 players max for 20% each (so 20 x 3 = 60).

— Right now, it only counts healing yourself with items, to heal all nearby allies for 20%.

– However, with this revamp, you would include 100% of overhealing. So basically, if you are already at full HP and the amount healed goes over your MAX HP, that difference will be shared to one nearest ally at 100% the rate.

This mostly works with Healing Draughts, but it should work from all other sources thus being at full HP is very important when using this talent. See the next section for more information.

(unchanged) Healing items that end up healing you will clear the wounds of everyone.

– If the nearest ally receives any healing that isn't from this same talent (so two people cannot stack it), you get 25% of it as well. Because that healing received is from this talent, it will not be shared. This means if someone is able to farm 10 THP per second, you only get 2.5 THP from that ally only.

– Do note that Nearest Ally must be within 7-10m. It will not count if you are more than 7-10m away from anyone. If you ever tried staying within 10m of someone all the time, let alone being the nearest player to them, you'll see it's not that easy at all especially if they move faster than you.

– If the nearest ally uses a Healing Draught and you get Heal shared, you do not clear wounds, because you aren't the one using the Healing Draught. They need to have heal share as well.

– If two people have heal share, and someone drinks a healing draught, what happens? As always, it doesn't stack, but the actual numbers are different from what you might expect:

First, the initial healing is shared at a rate of 60% plus overheal. That amount is not re-shared because it came from the talent.

However, the receiver gets an additional 25% but only from the healed amount.

So, if a 75/100 HP character healed, they share 60% of 25 and 100% of 50 for 65 HP,

but the receiver gets 25% of the 25 due to their talent, so an extra 6.25 healing for a total of 71.25 healing received: nearly an entire healing draught worth of healing from a single use, but remember that the initial healing "wasted" 50 of the healing: it just transferred over to someone else.

The Benefits and Uses of the Revamped Talent 

-If you are playing a supporting role (meaning you stick to another player and attack wherever they aren't to make sure they don't get hit from flanks) you probably won't need as much THP, but you'll still need some. Instead, you'll gain it by sticking to someone who does generate a lot of THP (a zealot would be crazy good to stand next to). Consider that if the nearest party member is unable to fight (downed/incapacitated) or isn't fighting or even just out of range, you get nothing.

– If someone (or you) is playing Merc / Unchained / Anyone with party healing, you will also share that healing received.

– Overhealing refers to receiving healing that goes past your max health. When reaching max health, the difference is split. So, if you have 75/100 HP and you drink a Draught (+75 HP), meaning you will heal share for 60% of 25 HP, and 100% of the 50 for a total of 65 to another player.

This means someone else can have the tome and you can effectively heal them with a Draught by just drinking it next to them, and it will clear their wound because of the other effect of the talent where using healing items will clear all wounds of nearby party members (this functionality already exists in the current talent).


This also means if you are playing Mercenary Kruber and you Ult while at 100% HP (green or THP) you will give the nearest ally 50 THP instead of 25 THP: more if you have +30% healing.

– If you run Boon of Shallya, you basically increase the heal share by 30% as well (because it's based off of the healing you receive). Also, the healing you receive from another player is increased to 32.5%!

– If someone heals you with a medkit, you will heal another person for 60% of that amount. If that person also has Hand of Shallya, that's another 50% off themselves, and if they have the heal share talent, that will also get shared (because that healing comes from a trait, not the talent). But let's be honest: almost no one heals a good 50% of their max health from that trait, so how effective is it really?

Well, for a single med kit use in theory using a realistic situation, you could get a total of 168 healing on average (napkin math below):

80% health (base med kit healing on a 100 HP character = 80 health, on someone who just got downed and revived.)

+60% of that 80% = 48 health

+50% missing health, Hand of Shallya (Realistically, you'll be missing at most half your health on average, so we'll use 100 HP with 50 missing health, giving a total of = 25 health)

+60% of that 25 health shared = 15 health

Total party healing (across various characters =) 168 healing, with 95 on the heal target and 73 on the med kit user. Pretty good IMO!

– If you run Natural Bond, you will heal a nearby ally for nearly 7 green health ( 9.1 if they are running Boon of Shallya) per minute. It's actually pretty negligible in the grand scheme of things, but this also means you can fully recover chip damage from friendly fire. It's important to remember that by doing this, you now have a party member who not only has normal THP generation, but 60% of someone else's Natural Bond (in theory) and that person can provide 25% of their THP generation to that Natural Bond user. Win Win.

– The "nearest ally" functionality already exists in the game with Foot Knight's talent Comrade in Arms, so it's possible!

The Reality of it's Use: Would you take it? 

By taking this over other THP talents, you are putting yourself at the mercy of other players for general THP generation. You must stick with someone to support them and you shouldn't be using weapons/classes that can deny THP (Axes, Executioner, Flamethrower Types, Range Spam, Etc). In many cases, if you are the frontliner, you are better off using stagger THP if available.

So basically, for most normal players, you would NOT take it because it wasn't meant to replace or be better than THP talents, but have a different purpose.

Do keep in mind that the big downside of taking this talent is if you somehow get out of range of others or are the last one standing, you get no healing and you won't be heal sharing anything! Being separated by more than 10m is very, very common unless you absolutely discipline yourself to stick to someone.

The Curious Case of Zealot Saltzpyre 

Heal Share in it's current state is an absolutely avoid at all costs for Zealot. What about the revamp?

Well, with a certain build for Zealot, you can reach +120% increasing Healing Received (+90% from talent, +30% from Boon of Shallya). Because you take the heal share talent, you have no way of generating THP for yourself.

However, if you are able to stick to another player, you will get 120% of 25% of their THP generation. 32.5% if they run BoS (Boon of Shallya).

What does that mean? That's 55%/71.5% of their healing. If they are at FULL HP, the healing goes through the roof as it shares to you at a 100% rate: this means if they generate 5 THP on a hit, you get 11 THP, that's basically close to how much you would generate yourself. (Keep in mind, this is most likely at a loss because the zealot would be able to hit faster than most classes, it's just to show that it's not a big loss).

There are also 2 big cons that pushes this downward:

  1. Zealot on low health hits hard. They will get many kills, but that means no THP generated at all if they are using heal share. This problem occurs when people use the Drakegun to wipe out hordes. This means the zealot has to basically slow down to let other people generate THP for them.
  2. Zealot without the talent generates insane amounts of THP for themselves, even without the bonus healing due to their attack speed and power bonuses largely because of their attack speed and power bonus

The pros? A supporting Zealot would be able to just stand back and get full THP doing nothing safely at a good rate of what his normal THP generation would be. This means Heart of Iron is way less likely to proc, which is important because the clause allows him to keep 6 stacks of Fiery Faith even at 100% green Health so long as he gains the stacks first.

A supporting Zealot can focus on Elites and using Repeating Crossbow + 5 Hit Crits very effectively, since the THP comes from someone else.

Remember: this is NOT a replacement for THP generation! This is for supporting playstyles! Please, do not use this talent if you are frontlining! That was never the point!

What happens when everyone runs Heal Share? 

You're kind of fucked, lmao. Since no one is generating THP anymore, every fight is now extremely risky. However, this assumes that everyone is playing supportive, which is already rare to begin with and usually reserved for certain classes. There are way more frontline options than support, so this happening is already kind of rare. It would be funny though. But then again, if its 4 people playing very defensively, damage taken should be at an all time low anyway.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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