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HP/damage numbers for beta

warhammer 8 - HP/damage numbers for beta

Hey, I'm currently testing some hp numbers for the beta. Just queuing a private match, shooting an enemy w/ handgun and then checking damage dealt in the score screen.

Legend: Clanrat – 56 hp Stormvermin – 112 hp

Fanatic – 46 hp Marauder – 88 hp

Cata (seems like legend + 25%): Clanrat – 70 hp Stormvermin – 139 hp

Fanatic – 57 hp

However, there's definitely something weird going on with the dummies or the damage numbers, because Handgun oneshots SV on bodyshots despite that being impossible according to dummies. Or maybe when they said that ranged weapons do not use the staggered system, they meant that they always count as 1 or 2 stagger counts?

Either way, apparently fanatics now have less hp than clanrats (live is 15 for clanrats, 18 for fanatics).

Now if the dummies are showing the correct numbers, that means that it is impossible to 1shot clanrats with dual axes on legend, unlike live. Even with the full multiplier of 2.2 (for legend, you deal 12.75×2.2×1.4×1.2×1.1 ~ 52 damage per attack. This is with the 4 max stack talent.

In the patch notes it says:

Effectively, it will take more hits to kill unstaggered enemies while less hits for staggered once

This seems to be quite entirely inaccurate according to my testing. That might mean that this is simply unintentional, and the hp numbers have been inflated too much or something.


As far as I can tell, the damage numbers for dummies seem accurate for a nonstaggered enemy (mace with 650 power light headshot does 15.75 damage, in game it shows as 16 damage). However, with smiter on I only got 15 damage (should be 14.75 according to dummies with the 50 lower power). Despite that presumably being the first enemy hit since I only hit one enemy. So I don't know if Smiter simply doesn't work or if there's something more to it. Maybe it only works on specific attack types?

Smiter seems to increase the staggered multiplier by 25% (so from 0.8 to 1 in cata). 2h axe counts regular lights as staggered, but it doesn't count as double staggered with smiter, just the slightly higher damage multiplier. That means that the damage is only slightly higher than the 50 flat power version (42 with 50 power, 44 with smiter). Smiter definitely doesn't work on 1h axe in terms of counting the first enemy hit as staggered though, get 18 damage in game, 17.75 in keep. However, a pushstab did 53 damage, which is exactly what it should (17.75×3 = 53.25), assuming smiter increases stagger damage by 25%.

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