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Huge problem with vermintide 2

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Hey guys,

I know this is a weird request but try to keep this thread 'private' okay? idk how to word it but let's keep this inside the vermintide community because y'all are the only ones who might understand me.

Okay gonna ask my question…


At first I thought they were kind of cute. Till I played Sienna with a beam staff and noticed that a tiny left click burns off all their clothes while leaving them alive. Seeing their scorched pink bodies got me to thinking what they must smell like. Must be putrid or something? I am really into it.

My teammates wonder why the Sienna is somehow under-performing getting overwhelmed by a few half-dead slave rats.

Their chattering, their tiny muscular bodies… please help


okay so far I have been kind of facetious but seriously, the rats are hot. My favorite are the stormvermin. Has to get super sweaty and gross underneath that plate armor. It's gotten to the point where stabbing the rats is kind of sexual, which considering I just shed their blood is a huge psychological NO NO.

edit: and it doesn't fu*king help when characters like Saltz are yelling out stuff such as "SEE HOW THEY LIFT THEIR TAILS? THEY ARE SPREADING THEIR MUSK! A VILE LANGUAGE FOR A VILE RACE."

edit 2: by taal the weave Sigmar, damn you all. Y'all walk around playing your Xenoblade Chronicles 2, your tales of whatever, watching your anime ogling all them cartoon girls but I like gritty, realistic rat men and suddenly we have a cataclysm on our hands.

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