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Huntsman VS Chaos in legend, breakpoint?

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With the changes in 1.0.5, a 600 power huntsman with none power VS XXX CAN NOT one body shot Chaos warrior during ULT, which greatly decrease the viability of huntsman in Legend. So I made some test about… how to as quickly as possible to eliminate Chaos Patrol in Legend.

Test weapon : fully charged longbow shot


With 25 talent +20% power during ULT and None Power VS chaos, I still need two non-crit body shot to kill a Chaos Warrior.

20% power + 9% Armoured + 6% Chaos, now I can effectively one-charged shot any Chaos Warrior during ULT.


Final test is like this, I pick the 20% power during ULT, +20% Armoured +20% Chaos on my bow and charm, and still CAN NOT one shot Chaos Warrior during ULT, unless headshot or Crit.

Additionally, it takes 4 HS or 2 Crit HS to kill Warrior in Legend.

I mean, 40% power up and I still can't see the "breakpoint"?


Forget the Chaos warrior, with + 20% VS armoured, still I can't one shot SV in Legend. I have lost my courage to test if I have 20% Armoured + 20% Skaven, would it make any differences. If anyone can share, I'll be very grateful.

Edit: in case of git gud

What I'm seeking is Stability During emergency chaos patrol encounter, can I make every shot in ULT? Maybe, sometimes. I didn't claim I'm a very good player, I may only have 25% chance to hit his tiny moving head, maybe some player can make it 60%, or even 70% Back to the problem, why can't I specialize myself to this specific scene to boost my one-shot warrior rate to 90% (yes, I can't even guarantee a body shot, I am that bad) , if I know I am not THAT good to let my teammates rely on me?

The core of tactical team work is always reliability.

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