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Hypothetical Beastman Roster

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I have been thinking about a hypothetical Beastmen roster.

Just wrote down some ideas; not meant to be super-well balanced, but I focused on the idea that Beastmen are more monstrous; as a result, they have very few armored units (like 2), but many who have the Monster armor type for resistance to stuns. Health values are meant to be compared to Legend difficulty enemies – if you want to compare, look at the vermintide 2 breed data floating around google docs – I literally just did a google search, it was faster than digging into my bookmarks, lol.

Oh, hell, here's just the link! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PiWoQOH9LeZVlbHv5GvTaToet5wKW6AdpKDf35StcBI/edit#gid=2144505224

I present to you the culmination of being bored and having spare time!



Health: 17

Armor: Infantry

Between Clan Rats and Chaos Fanatics in health, Ungors are cowardly when alone, like Skaven.

Ungor with Shield

Health: 17

Armor: Infantry

Still on the weak side and cowardly, these ones have shields.

Ungor with bow

Health: 17

Armor: Infantry

Spawning in groups of 2-4, these Ungors will take aim with bows, and yell when they are about to fire. Their arrows can be doged or blocked.


Health: 42

Armor: Infantry

A bit stronger than human Marauders, Gors can attack with headbutts alongside their weapons to stagger a hero.

Gor with Shield

Health: 42

Armor: Infantry

Some Gors are intelligent enough to use crude shields, though they are still very unintelligent creatures.


Bestigor (unarmored)

Health: 80

Armor: Infantry

With high health, Bestigors are some of the best warriors in a brayherd. They have huge horns that denote their status and can attack with dual weapons or savage headbutts.

Bestigor (armored)

Health: 80

Armor: Armored

Some Bestigors have been able to collect enough scraps of armor from their slain enemies to offer themselves protection. These Bestigors also wield crude great weapons for more powerful, but slower strikes.


Health: 100

Armor: Armored

Wargors are tribal leaders or chieftains, but in the great Brayherd that has come together for the Dark Pact, they are numerous enough to become an enemy that will be encountered with some regularity.

When encountered, they will first blow on their warhorns to call nearby ambient gors to join them. No gor can refuse the command of a Wargor on pain of death, and so they will all come running.


Health: 80

Armor: Berserker

These drunken centaurs still amble about the battlefield, but when they detect enemies, they charge into them, rearing and kicking – even enemies behind them can get a hard kick. They are not very maneuverable, however, so getting to their flanks and dodging their charge is essential.



Health: 100

Armor: Monster

Targets a hero and then charges, dealing damage and knocking and stunning them about. Meant to mess with teams who are too clustered in a corner. Despite being big, they aren't tall, making them somewhat harder to snipe out and usually requiring dodging. In melee they can deal big damage with their tusks, and are rather tough.

Tuskgors snort very loudly and stamp the ground before charging to denote their arrival. They also squeal angrily as they begin their charge.


Health: 30

Armor: Infantry

Coming in screeching from the sky in groups, Harpies disable heroes by clawing at their heads and faces, leaving them vulnerable. Harpies appear in groups of two or three. If hit with well-timed melee strikes, they will back away and wait another chance to swoop in. They fly erratically, making them hard to shoot.


Harpies will be extremely easy to hear coming, as they screech loudly and repeatedly as they approach. They are disablers, though also the weakest ones in the game in terms of health.


Health: 60

Armor: Infantry

Like Chaos Sorcerers, there are several varieties of Bray-Shaman who know different ways to attack. The most aggressive will approach the heroes and build up a powerful Bray-Scream that damages and stuns enemies while not bothering its allies. In groups of enemies, they are semi-disablers who can also force players to spread to avoid their short disable.

The second kind is more subtle, and summons a Viletide of small chaos beasts to attack their enemies, damaging and slowing those who get in its path. This will drive players out of defensive positions.

The appearance of Bray-Shaman will be told by their loud bestial chanting, which would have a magic echoing effect.

Chaos Hound

Health: 60

Armor: Monster

These fast enemies track their enemies, picking one and sneaking up to them. They are very agile, and will easily avoid most ranged attacks. When they get close, they lunge at the hero to cause damage and high stagger, then circle around for another attack. Not a true disabler, they will counter ranged spam and put players who can't effectively dodge their lunges into a very bad state in melee by taking off lots of stamina and dealing high damage if they hit. Will be announced by loud baying when they hear and growls as they approach.


Health: 150 (maybe even higher)

Armor: Monster

A special version of a Bestigor, they are surrounded by a plague of flies that slows heroes and drains stamina. They have large health pools and regeneration, and are resistant to stuns. Pestigors do not stand around idly; they actively seek out those who interfere in their god's plans.

Pestigors are debuffing specials – with their huge health pools and regen, they will be hard to kill without concentrated fire, and attack with a large axe. They can be heard coming by diseased-sounding Gor cries, plus the buzzing of flies.



Health: 2100

Armor: Monster

Huge bull-like gors that wield dual hand weapons they use for fast melee chops. They can also perform powerful head smashes that deal great damage.

I feel like they'd need a grab attack where they headbutt a hero and then throw them.


Health: 1800

Armor: Monster

Among the fastest of boss enemies, the Razorgor will build up steam as it runs before smashing through a formation, sending heroes flying. They will often charge from one hero to another, smashing everything in their path – even their supposed allies. In truth, feral Razorgors have no loyalty, and will attack almost anything, but it instinctively hates those who lack the taint of Chaos the most.

Note: Razorgors may seem a weird choice; figures don't seem to be quite boss-sized, but I got the idea when I saw how FRICKIN' HUGE the ones on Razorgor Chariots were in Total War: Warhammer, which at least sets the precedent for them being massive. With their shoulder spikes they are easily as tall as Chaos Spawn and are overall probably as massive due to being four-legged. I think they would add a nice variety to bosses, as they'd tend to move around much more and not be kited by a single player as easily; but at the same time, if they coincided with hordes they'd inflict huge damage on those hordes with their charges, creating tons of, well . . . chaos.



Greater Bray-Shaman

I didn't elaborate on these two because I was getting too tired.

I know that these surely aren't "game-ready" ideas, especially in regards to specifics, but I think it also shows how they have the variety to be their whole own roster, complete with specials. 🙂

They'd also have their own "niche" of being the most monstrous enemy faction, increasing the value of "+monster" damage.

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