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I bought the DLC, I won’t refund it, and here’s why.

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Initially that was just a comment in another thread; but with everyone and their mother posting complaint threads, I’m making a thread about it now, too, instead of repeating the same thing in all of those. You don’t like it? I hope you are able to find the downvote button by yourself.

Edit: In that case I’d still appreciate if you could keep the discussion on topic, aka comment on what I wrote. There’s enough other threads to pointlessly vent your anger in and/or discuss the DLC itself. Thanks!

Yes, the amount of (and quality of / effort gone into the) new content is underwhelming. I still bought the DLC, and I won’t request a refund. Why, you ask?

Because I’ve played around 500 hours of Vermintide Ⅱ since the last week of pre-release beta. Of these ≈500 hours, most were spent having fun. Some were spent frustrated. Of those some, honestly most wene being frustrated with reasons that aren’t Fatshark’s fault. Yes, some of those some frustrated hours were because of bugs, imbalances and quirks that shouldn’t have been in the release version of the game. Yes, that was due to bad decisions, bad practices and bad scheduling on Fatshark’s side.


Overall, it has still been a worthy purchase. At less than half the price of a AAA game¹, I had way more fun than I anticipated, and honestly, than I paid for. So I guess in a sense you could say that buying the DLC was retroactively honouring that ridiculous value I got. I think the only game I’ve ever bought with a better time having fun / money spent relation was Minecraft back when it was alpha prized. Insert “LOL Minecraft” joke here, I’ll laugh at it while even my kids still get value out of that IIRC 5$, maybe it was already 10$, purchase.

Yes, I’m disappointed in the DLC. No, I don’t have any delusions about anything getting significantly better in the short or mid term, maybe ever. But I’ll take what the game is right now and have fun with it. Everything else is a bonus. I’m looking forward to the promised balance changes and bug fixes (probably some time around Christmas) and the sanctioning of more mods (hopefully before the release of Vermintide Ⅲ). But the money I’ve invested in the base game and the DLC was money invested well.


(and now back to complaining, see you soon in a sub near you)

Edit: Just to be clear, when I’m talking about “underwhelming” content I’m referring to the stuff added after the 1.2 beta. The new maps are nothing to complain about, IMO. Maybe apart from the lack of a boss fight at the end of The Blightreaper.

¹ I usually don’t buy those anymore anyway, but that’s beside the point …

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