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I feel like i’m trapped playing elf.

chivalry screenshot1 - I feel like i'm trapped playing elf.

I'm a Kruber guy myself. I like the ol' guy. I like his weaponset ( largely ), I like his yells, I like his classes. Good ol' rounded chap, it's fun being the soul of the group in a lot of ways.

But I decided to try Elf. And I realized I really like Spear and Glaive! So I figured I'd Elf for a bit longer, get a chance to up my headshot game a bit. I got used to WS healing/special kills through TF. I got used to Shade fu*kery. I got used to HM clutch. I like Elf a lot now as well. And I'd say I'm pretty good at it! I got used to melee through V1/Krubbing it up, so I'm able to duck and weave through all my problems rarely getting hit despite mainly staying in melee. I end most Vet/Champ matches at ~200 hp loss and tend to never use a single healing item.

So I figured hey, cool. I've got two loved classes, I'll go back to my main man now and swap as needed.


EVERY TIME I PLAY KRUBER THE ELF IS BAD. EVERY TIME THEY EITHER RUN AHEAD AND DIE, OR PLAY GRASSY KNOLL SNIPER AND NEVER FIGHT. They use healing potions before even hitting B/W as WS Elf. They grab all the ammo then use it on slaves. They are awfuuuuuuul and tend to have awful personalities to boot.

So now I'm stuck being the Elf. Because if I Elf, I keep those players from my team. I am like the Batman, silently playing good Elf because if I Elf, we can't get a pubbie Elf. I am the silent guardian of the pubbie gates, holding back the worst pubbies.

Any other Elf people feel the same? Anybody else notice this shit? How can I go back to Kruber without betraying my team to the ravages of the pubbie Elf hordes.

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