Warhammer: Vermintide

I genuinely love this game

warhammer 4 - I genuinely love this game

Boys I just need to write it out, god damn. I’m so glad I ignored the “Mixed” Steam reviews when buying this game, otherwise I may never have given it a shot, or I would’ve came later when (hopefully) it gets super popular.

I seriously cannot remember the last time I have enjoyed playing a game this much. It ticks so many feelsgoodman boxes for me. I only started playing last week and even working 60+ hrs a week, I find a way to sneak in a few Champ games every day and have a blast every time. My wife laughs at me because I talk about how fun it is to just slay these fu*king rats and how I’m close to level 30.


Not only that, but then I met some people here on Reddit to queue with and the fun factor skyrocketed tenfold. This game with friends or other people that genuinely want to win is such a rush.

Don’t get me started on the setting or the detail in the maps/levels… woooowee.

I can go on forever dudes, but shit. If you’re on the fence please ignore the Steam reviews and give it a shot. Yes I’m aware the game has frustrations and issues, but I feel that the core is just right. I’m hoping this feeling lasts for awhile.

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