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I give up: How the hell do you handle halescourge

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We all know the guy is out of tune. We all know it, and I don't want to re-litigate that. What I want to know is: How in the heck do you even manage this guy?!?!

Spinemanglr is tough, but do-able. His big damaging attack is highly telegraphed even if it has a 50ft range and goes clear through the pillar in the arena. Pack something with armor piercing, focus the adds, as long as someone has a weapon to break the shieldvermin blocks its not too bad.

McRib is a chump. Stunlock him, clown him with armor piercing, if there are adds then one person kites the big guy, everyone wipes out the adds, and continues.

Rasknitt is tough, no two ways about it, but its a storm fiend and a somewhat slippery ranged guy with relatively slow projectiles. The fight gets brutal with shieldvermin and berserker adds and that can ask a lot of the multitasking ability of internet randos, but even if you die in the fight you respawn in the arena. It's really not too different, mechanically, from any other fight. You just need to be mechanically perfect for longer.

I defy anyone to make a similar operationalized summary of of the Halescourge fight in terms more detailed than "welp, we had and the stars aligned and it worked for some reason." I've had those clears too, and each time it was the game going easy on us with adds and Snot Walls. I want to learn how to clear this guy with the reliability I can clear the other bosses–and while the others that aren't McGriddle aren't chumps, there's at least a plan for them. The Plan for Halescourge as of 1.0.5 is "turn your head and cough"


He's just as beefy as the other bosses. Unlike the other bosses melee is absolute suicide due to his Snot Wall attack being absolutely impossible to dodge, and even if you as a melee character accept that and commit to a damage trade, Burblescorp just blinks away instantly. Unlike every other boss in the game he cannot be stunned or CC'd. The Snot Wall phases through barriers more reliably than it is blocked by barriers, every single ability inflicts DoT and CC effects on the player, I'm not even gonna mention his Force Choke and Blight Storm abilities, and even if you do have enough ranged heroes to bring him down in a timely fashion those ranged heroes have to endure CONSTANT elite adds.

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So, Top Gamers of r/vermintide, how the hell do you deal with this dude. What's the One Weird Trick I don't know, because I'm tired of throwing this map every time it comes up.

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